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Request need help for pictures for server


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this isnt so urgent but if it could be done ASAP it'll be great.

i need several pictures for my RO server, could any kind soul help me to do it?
i would do it myself but i'm kinda busy with my exams coming up and all.

-must have mention of name (ForeverRO)
-size: 1240x768
-character preferably from ragnarok or unknown (not a must but better)
-not hentai xD
-not need to be pure anime, abstract design or stuff like [URL=http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/sockbone/bgi_temp.jpg]this[/URL] is ok
-7 to 9 pics needed

i think thats all that you need to know to make'em...oh and i need about seven to nine of them if possible.i nkow its a really big order but i believe otakuboards.com's artists are the best graphic artists available and hope you all can help me.

thanks to all who tries

the problem has been solved but anyone who wants to try is still welcome.
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