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I'm Not Wanted Poem [PG]


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Just so you know I'm not really for or against abortion. I had to write this for school. ^_^ Let me know what you think, okay? Thanks! ^_^

[CENTER][B]I?m Not Wanted[/B]

Darkness surrounds me
I cannot see or hear
I can sense something near me
I reach out to it
I am comforted as it protects me
Warmth surrounds me
It is soothing
I am changing somehow
I am excited!
I can sense potential
And I am eager to experience it
I?m wanted!
I am impatient!
But it is too soon
I must be patient
I fall back into the darkness
The time will come
It hurts!
Something is tearing me apart!
What is it!
I reach once again for the presence that protects me
A wall blocks me!
I?m cold
The warmth I felt before is fading
Again I reach for the presence
It pulls away
I?m not wanted?
I cannot even cry
What happened?
Suddenly I understand
What I want to be
Will never be
Because; I?m not wanted[/CENTER]
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Very nicely done. I have never seen a poem about abortion written as if you were the unborn child. I think it is very creative. I doubt a true child would actually have such understanding. Though if an unborn child could think perhaps the emotions would be similar to what you wrote. If I were your teacher I would give you an A+ for it. I look foward to reading more of your poems. Till later.

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