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Inyuyasha VS. Sesshomuru

Guest Ki cannon Blast

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If you would like to discuss anything Inuyasha-related, please post in the official Inuyasha topic, which can be found by browsing the Directory sticky thread located at the top of this forum.

It would help to bear in mind that OtakuBoards places a strong emphasis on post quality; this includes not only using proper grammar, punctuation & etc., but also trying to set a good example when you start a thread (in this case, you should have at least answered your own question in your original post and provided a few reasons for said answer). Of course, it's not just thread starters who we encourage to promote an in-depth discussion.

Had you read the rules, you would be aware that double-posting is forbidden. I strongly suggest that you give them a look; just click on the link located in the blue navigation bar to your left. If you have additional questions, feel free to private message me or one of the other staff members. Thanks.

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