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V for vendetta


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I'm not sure if this would be shut down but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of the Graphic novel V for vendetta. It's going to be a movie (you can check it out [url="http://www.countingdown.com/movies/3618128"]here[/url]). Anyways, the guys who created the Matrix are going to make it. I was wondering what are your thoughts of The character V and The story line itself.

has anybody even read it? i'm saddened by the lack of fans.

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=Red]I left this thread open -- despite my feelings against doing so -- because, while much of your post was about the movie (which should be discussed in Music, Movies and TV), you asked about the character and Storyline. However, in future, please do not double post. If you double post again, I will close this thread. Simply edit your original post to include the message you want to add. ^-^ -- Lady Asphyxia.[/color][/size][/font]
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