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Don't Go Away [T]

Kyuui Me-Ka

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[I][CENTER]Don't go away
Please don't be scared
We're becoming more apart everyday
You act as though you never cared

I know you're there
Please don't completely fade
It wouldn't be fair
If it were not I to be at your aid

Please don't leave me
I never meant you any harm
I only wanted to set you free
Yet I only brought alarm

Can't you see?
We always had a bond
That could never br broken between you and me
It was for this reason I was always acting so fond

I want to dry your tears
And I want your sorrows to go away
I want to fight away all of your fears
But it seems the only thing I can do is Pray

Won't you still call me Lover?
Are you saying you can never trust me again?
I thought we were always there for each other
Weren't you more than just my friend?

Don't go away
You're touch feels so good
I want to wait till that one final day
Yes, we both should

Your smile is now like ice
It freezes my heart with guilt
Is this what I have to pay for a price?
Is this how a broken soul is built?

Don't go away
Please don't be scared
We're becoming more apart everday
You act as though you never cared[/CENTER][/I]
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