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Are you Ready For Some (American style) Football?


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[color=darkviolet]Hello and welcome to my third thread this weekend. Bladdy bladdy blah.

I'm here watching the Bills/Colts game (Bills are ahead 17-10 in the 4th quarter maybe they 'll play it like they mean it) and I'm wondering if anyone else is looking forward to Football season and if they hope their favorite team will be doing good and playing hard.

I'm from Western New York and I'm a Buffalo Bills fan. I even canceled plans in Texas to watch the few games that were televised. I yell at the referees like I'm there and they can hear me. Football and hockey are quite possibly my favorite spectator sports. Violent, contact and you can yell. I'm there.

This year I'm not holding out for the Super Bowl- I'm being insanely realistci- maybe they'll make the play offs and my daughter and I will go to a game at Orchard Park. I'll bundle her up real good and scream my head off.

Okay the subject of this thread is to discuss your favorite team, maybe why you like the sport and perhaps share stories. Yeah that stuff[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I don't know: I just don't find NFL-Style football as entertaining as some other sports (Hockey, first and foremost) and I'm much more excited about the CFL season. I much prefer the slightly different rules used by the CFL; three downs, bigger balls ( :p ) wider field etc etc. It makes for a more pass-dependent game, and because of the three downs it means that people don't have as much room for error and it makes everything more exciting. Plus CFL teams are local teams that I can identify with more so that is probably the bigger reason I'm more of a CFL fan than an NFL one. Anyway...

Go Montreal Allouets! While we're on the subject, Vive le Montreal Canadiens! [/COLOR]
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