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What are some of the best live shows you've been to? I've just become such a fanatic of live music. The smaller, more intimate venues are a lot more fun than the large stadium crowds, but I think the bigger shows pull in a much more interesting crowd.

So what bands/artists have you seen live?

[b]Alicia Keys:[/b] She was the first musician to show me that good music sounds soooooo much better live. Everything from her dramatic entrance, to her ability to work a crowd blew me away. I'm a little bummed I missed her tour with John Legend; they both are amazing.

[b]Beyonce:[/b] She didn't seem as connected to the audience as other singers I've seen, but the pyrotechnics and choreagraphy were flawless. I'd say it was a better light show than performance; she let the backing vocal track do most of the work during the upbeat tracks, but who could blame her? No one wants to see her stand still during "Crazy In Love". A solid entertainer.

[b]Communique:[/b] This band is a nice indie band from the same label Green Day used to be on (Lookout Records) before they switched to a major label. Lookout Records just folded (Green Day demanded that their long-overdue royalties be paid), but Communique (pronounced Commune-ick-kay) will still be great. Their CD, Poison Arrows, sounds a little airy, but the songs are so much thicker and deeper live. They'd be a perfect addition to the new wave invasion right now.

[b]Minipop:[/b] A terrific unsigned band. I'd like to describe them as "Coldplay meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs" (dreamy keyboards with YYY-style drums and guitar), and their vocalist has the most hypnotic voice. They're pretty nice, too; I talked to them after the show and they just seem like really down-to-earth music lovers. I hope they go places.

[b]Missy Elliott:[/b] Her set was a little hard to hear, but that's the same with most rap concerts. You felt the energy, though. But her show could have done without the strippers during the costume changes.

[b]Tegan & Sara:[/b] How else can you describe seeing your favorite band live? Pure bliss. Everything was perfect. Get the chance to see them if you can.

Bands/artists I'd like to see live:

[b]The Killers:[/b] They sold out their show before I could get tickets. Very dissapointed. They've become a big influence for my band. And Tegan/Sara opened for them. I'm addicted to new wave right now.

[b]Leela James:[/b] A VH1 You Oughta Know artists, Leela James' debut album "A Change is Gonna Come" is one of the best soul records of 2005.

[b]Garbage:[/b] Because their new album is stupendous. Shirley Manson is a rock godess. I heard their live shows are pretty heavy.

[b]M.I.A.:[/b] Hopefully I can get tickets for her fall tour. I wish I lived close enough to see her open for Gwen Stefani, but M.I.A. is just such a blast of fresh air in music right now that I'd seize any opportunity to watch her.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]The Tragically Hip[/B] - Live, they are amazing. Be it a bar-gig or in front of a huge aduiance, Gord and the boys really know how to rock. When they go into a Jam session and they just start belting out all their songs it's incredible. Gord Downie is one of the wildest preformers ever; when he starts screaming at his microphone stand and the stage starts to shake and the crowd cheers... nothing beats it.

[B]Rush[/B] - I know a lot of people don't like to watch them live; Geddy Lee is a bit hard on the eyes, I'll admit. But the crowd... the energy... the... the amazing talent of the band, it's just amazing. When Neil Peart breaks into his 15 min drum solo and the crowd starts to sing along to an INSTRUMENTAL (See: Rush in Rio - YYZ) you just can't believe it.

Those are really the only live shows I've been to, but I'd like to see [B]Trooper[/B] and maybe I'd love to catch [B]The Guess Who[/B] if they ever get together for another 'Running Back Thru Canada' tour.[/COLOR]
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I went to the SARS concert in Toronto! That was my first concert ever! It was really fun. I barely remembered who played though. But, it was good except for the fact that we were practically swimming in garbage.

Sean Paul- I went with my sister, her best friend and my best friend. He was good live. I never smelled so much weed in my life. That smell lasted with me for days!
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