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RPG Vampire The Masquerade: Eternal Twilight

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Guest Kairu Koryu
Miami - Florida, April 17, 2010

The darkness settled over the large city of Miami, the fading sun settling below the horizon. Even as the last rays of light faded from this mundane existence, the people below still went about their daily lives, unawares as to the "creatures" that walked among them during the night time hours. Vampires. The city of Miami was the perfect hunting ground, as well as the perfect place to vanish if needed be.

Diverse in it's people, as well as large enough to blend in unnoticed, the vampires walked amongst the world of men, going about their eternal existence, oblivious to the mortals they fed on. Throughout time, legends have descended about these creatures. However, the truth was far more different than legends. Multiple casts, or races of Vampires exist, all of which carry their own distinct abilities inherent to their clans.


Many consider the Brujah the warriors of the Kindred, and indeed the Brujah are the clan who contains most physical elements. Every personality from Nazis to environmentalists, might be found within the Brujah clan.

Outsiders generally regard Brujah as an anarchistic mob, only united by their contempt for authorities. While this is not strictly true, it is certainly not to far from the case. There's a joke that the only thing keeping the Brujah in the Camarilla, is because no one have bothered to fill the cancellation slip. In truth their disunity is mainly the case of their continued membership. Still no other clan have as many members among the anarchs as do the Brujah, and Brujah defection from the Camarilla happen almost nightly. Even those still in the Camarilla are a nuisance to their perspective elders and princes. Still as stated the Brujah are prized warriors, few are more dangerous in straightforward battle.

The clan is divided into three major factors:

* Iconoclast (the TRUE anarchs) - They lash out at anyone and everyone, with no respect for any organization or establishment. They obey the Masquerade, but only out of self-preservation.
* Idealist - Mostly older Brujah, and most elder Brujah are Idealists. Looking to the past for guidance and wisdom, they believe the Brujah should unite to achieve a new Carthage.
* Individualists - Combination of Iconoclast and Idealist, they work together for the good of the clan. They don't however insist others to obey their orders, like the Idealists do.

* Nickname: Rabble
* Sect: Debatable members of the Camarilla, when everything comes down to it anarch and Sabbat Brujah combined probably outnumber their Camarilla clan mates by far.
* Bloodlines: The Sabbat Brujah is considered more brutal and impassioned than their Camarilla and anarch counterparts. While they at least have some measure of ideals, the Sabbat Brujahs ideals drown in their lust for destruction.
* Clan disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence.


Every Malkavian is demented; their insanity might take many forms, everything from megalomania to paranoia to multiple personalities is common, in truth nothing is uncommon. Behind madness, lies insight. So many Malkavian state anyhow, and indeed their insight is sometimes frightening. What makes them more dangerous than others is hard to say. Often their madness frees them from fear of pain and Final Death, and many have murderous urges and a complete lack of emotion which even put other Kindred on an edge. Even so the dangerousness about them must be their freedom from rationality, and dark insight.

* Nickname: Lunatics
* Sect: Even though they are members of the Camarilla, who really know on whose side they are on. Most likely the same side as everybody else, their own.
* Clan disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate.


Decadent and pathetic is the most common view of the Toreador, artists, musicians or poets make up their ranks. Accompanied by the Ventrue, the Toreadors mingle among the mortal high society. While Ventrue do it because they're in charge, the Toreador do it to be seen and admired. Considering themselves above such taxing matters as actually leading people or running things. The Toreador live in the most luxurious way they can, enjoying the comforts of the temporal world.

* Nickname: Degenerates/Artistes/Poseurs
* Sect: The majority of the clan is in the Camarilla, but a few can be found among the ranks of the Sabbat. Their view on beauty however is a little different then that of their Camarilla counterparts, pain and torture is sweet poetry in their eyes.
* Clan disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence.


Hideous and twisted even beyond most Tzimisce creations, the Nosferatu must hide from the mortal society. Underground they now make their homes, beyond the eyes of the world of both Kine and Kindred. Their tainted blood warps them beyond ugly only days after their embrace, it's as painful to the body as it is to the mind, and few survive the transformation entirely sane. Consequently their shared damnation has bonded the Nosferatu closer than any other clan, none of the inner conflict which plaques other clans find hold within their ranks. Their most valued skill is stealth, no other clan can sneak and pry as the Nosferatu, and their ability in Obfuscate is unmatched. Whatever city they inhabit, no street is unwatched and no citizens are unaccounted for. If you want to learn more about the people and places inside a city, the Nosferatu is your best bet, because no secret is beyond their prying eyes.

* Nickname: Sewer Rats
* Sect: Officially a member of the Camarilla, some members can still be found among the Sabbat and the Anarchs. There are speculations of their membership among the sects, is just an excuse to keep the others under closer surveillance.
* Clan disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence.


The gypsies among vampires, the Ravnos weave enthralling illusions to deceive and fool those who have something, which they desire. Never building a permanent heaven, the Ravnos chose instead to travel from location to location, playing tricks and deceiving whomever comes in their path. In modern days something has happened to the clan, and their members now only count a handful.

* Nickname: Deceivers
* Sect: They do not care about sects; they do what they want, when they want.
* Clan disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude.


Preferring the wilds to the urban jungle, they are the ones most in contact to their inner beast. Similarly to the Brujah, the Gangrel are also regarded as powerful warriors. But while Brujah fierceness comes from anarchic rage, the Gangrel have drawn their battle prowess from animalistic instinct. So strong is their bond with their beast than when they lose themselves to frenzy, their body changes permanently towards that of an animal. One feature at the time changes, their eyes may become yellow and catlike, their feet may become claws and even a tail might appear. As total immunity from frenzy is impossible, many elder Gangrels' appearances lean more towards animal than human. A few times their mind may follow in the same track.

* Nickname: Outlanders
* Sect: They just left the Camarilla, what comes next few know.
* Bloodlines: Two bloodlines exist among the Sabbat: the Country Gangrel (similar in most ways to the main branch of the clan) and City Gangrel (whose Disciplines are Celerity, Obfuscate and Protean). Both types are found only among the Sabbat.
* Clan disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean.


What makes the Tzimisce what they are, is their unique clan discipline, Vicissitude. It allows them to change and twist the form and appearance of themselves as well as others. Often their form can be inhumanly grotesque or inhumanly beautiful.

In the early dark ages the Tzimisce was perhaps the most powerful and influential of all the clans, ruling, if not all then most of, Eastern Europe. They wielded powerful magic, known as Koldunic Sorcery. But as the Tremere transcended into immortality the Tzimisce gained a powerful rival to their sorcery. Not only where the Tremere powerful sorcerers, but they had gained their immortality through the use of Tzimisce vitae. The Tzimisce declared war upon this upstart fledgling clan, as did many others who regarded the Tremere as a dangerous new adversary which should be destroyed while they where still weak. But the other clans did not only wage war upon the Tremere, they also made use of the opportunity to strike at the Tzimisce themselves. The elders of the clan began to sacrifice large numbers of their blood bond progeny, whom where now, for the first time, beginning to plot against them. As if they hadn't enough problems already, their mortal subjects where rebelling too, as they had grown tired of the centuries of abuse they had suffered at the hands of their vampiric masters. All hell broke loss when the mortal church began its Inquisition and their childer finally managed to break the chains of the blood bond. It all came down to the Anarch Revolt, where countless Tzimisce elders where brought down and destroyed, some say even Tzimisce itself was destroyed in the process.

As the Anarch Revolt came to an end, the Camarilla was formed vowing that what had transpired must never be allowed to be repeated. The Tzimisce and the Lasombra, the clans which first rebelled and might be said to have sparked the revolt, founded their own sect which would wage war upon the Antediluvians and vowed they would never again be their pawns.

The Tzimisce of the modern world, serve as the advisors, scholars and priests of the Sabbat. Often they have removed all evidence of mortal morality and ethics. Seeking to increase their understanding of their vampiric natures through countless experiments, performed upon both mortals and immortals

* Nickname: Fiends
* Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Animalism, Vicissitude
* Weaknesses: When a Tzimisce sleeps she must have at least two handfuls of earth from a place important her as a mortal nearby. If not she will grow weaker and weaker for each night, as sleep brings her no comfort nor restoration.


Among the youngest of the known clans, the Tremere has only been around since the early Dark Ages. Hailing from a mortal gathering of magicians, the Tremere, aided by forces unknown, gained the gift of vampirism through alchemy, magic and the blood of an elder Tzimisce. That of course ensured them right their one immortal enemy. Waking up to new urges and carvings, the Tremere found their old magic lost beyond reach. But through study and dedication, they mastered a new form of magic, one, which was powered by their blood: Thaumaturgy. Paired with a strong and disciplined hierarchy, the Tremere clan is a force to be reckoned with.

As they're fond of using symbols, the structure of the clan is divided in two parts; the Great Pyramide, and the Great Web. The Great Pyramide symbolizes the inner structure, and each level of the Pyramide has seven circles. Each circle must be mastered before one can move on to the next level. The Great Web symbolizes the influence of the Tremere, stretching their power as a web, covering the entire earth with treads.

* Nickname: Warlocks
* Sect: A pillar of the Camarilla, Tremere played an active part in the founding. In their youth they could nothing but gain on such an alliance, and since the Tzimisce stood in opposition they could do little else. Evens so, until recently a few still pledged their loyalty to the Sabbat.
* Clan disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy.


The Blue Bloods consider themselves the rulers of the Cainite society, and in truth their position is one of leadership among the Camarilla. In ancient nights they recruited among the nobles, the merchant princes and other high society members. Present night however there's has been a lack of such people, and the Ventrue now recruit from "old money" families, ruthless corporate climbers and politicians. From whatever branch of life they may hail, they seek to rule the Camarilla and preserve stability through its ranks. Ask a Ventrue and he will tell you that the whole of the Masquerade rest solely upon their shoulders, without them there would be no Masquerade, and without the Masquerade no vampires could exist. No other clan could bear this burden, or so the Ventrue claim. Even so, the Sabbat still claim a few Ventrue for themselves, these Ventrue however, don't support the views of their clan mates. At least, not to the same extent.

* Nickname: Blue Bloods
* Sect: The Princes who do not hail from the Ventrue are rare indeed, there are some, but those are not nearly as many as the ones from clan Ventrue.
* Clan disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence.


The Giovanni are respectful, genteel and well mannered. Affluent beyond imagination, Clan Giovanni traces its roots back to before the Renaissance, to a family of merchant princes. They still maintain their original home in Venice, in a thousand-year-old loggia just outside the hearth of the city. No other clan makes such a spectacle of humility and propriety, as does the Giovanni. And no other clan hides its blasphemous secrets as well. According to tales whispered in Camarilla salons and Sabbat esbats, the Giovanni's money spoiled the family, and the Venetians turned to necromancy out of perverse boredom. Surprisingly enough, the family demonstrated a great aptitude for a trafficking with the dead, and their newfound abilities caught the eye of a forgotten Antediluvian (Cappadocius). The vampire Embraced the head of family, Augustus Giovanni, and brought him into the world of the Damned. Cappadocius had a profound interest in death, and the Embrace of Giovanni and his family was intended to further the vampire's knowledge of what lay beyond the wall of mortality. His plan worked better, albeit differently, than he'd intended. Augustus, a cutthroat and mercenary merchant, saw the opportunity to seize his doddering sire's power and did so, hunting and killing all of Cappadocius descendants as well. After drinking the Ancient's blood, Augustus became a member of the Third Generation and founded his own clan, the Giovanni. Other Kindred reacted in horror, and, for a century, the "Devil Kindred" Giovanni were rooted out and destroyed wherever they went. Finally, the Giovanni sat down with the newly formed Camarilla and formed a mutual truce. This truce guaranteed the Giovanni would not participate in the Jyhad and would leave other vampires to their affairs. The Giovanni agreed, thus averting the genocide they surely would have otherwise met. Taking advantage of other vampire's lack of involvement with them, the Giovanni quietly continued to amass wealth and power practicing they Discipline of Necromancy all the while. Recent global movement by the Giovanni have many Kindred worried. With all that money and all those harvested souls, something is on the horizon; it is an ill wind that blows out if Venice.

* Nickname: Necromancers
* Clan disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Potence.


They are the assassins among the Kindred, swearing loyalty to no masters, the Assamite serve who ever can pay their price. The Assamites independent is a matter of belief; they believe that their founder hails from the second generation and that all other Cainites therefore are flawed copies of themselves. Other Cainites exists only for them to feed from, so they can bring themselves nearer perfection, or nearer the "One", the father of all vampires, Khayyin, or Kain. Be this as it may, their belief is held in secret, so no other can learn of it, even the younger Assamites don't learn of it until they are old enough to be trusted. So still, the Assamites have at least some degree of contact with outside clans.

* Nickname: Assassins
* Sect: Even though the clan doesn't claim membership in any of the sects, some Assamites do exist among the Sabbat and a handful few even exists in the Camarilla.
* Clan disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus.


The Lasombra are the dark masters and manipulators of the hidden world. Or so they would like to think.

During the middle ages, the Lasombra was a clan of nobility and clergy, who considered themselves better than their peers. Being a clan of extremely driven individuals with a taste for power, they picked their childer from the ranks of the ambitious. Today, during these modern nights, they have changed, but much has stayed the same. They are more depraved, sinister than during the dark ages, but they are still refined, and elitist. They are still conspirators, who dive headlong into their vampiric natures. And still, it is a rare thing for a Lasombra to acknowledge a vampire outside of the clan as an equal.

The Lasombra are known for their clan Discipline, Obtenebration. Obtenebration give the Lasombra the ability to produce darkness, a darkness which they themselves claim is their own inner darkness, the stuff of their very souls. This darkness in some ways reflect the Lasombra way of thinking; the Lasombra are expert manipulators, working from the shadows using machiavellian plots to reach their goals. Known in the middle ages as the clan behind the throne, the Lasombra are interested in in power, not the appearance of power, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

* Nickname: Magisters, Keepers
* Sect: The rulers of the Sabbat, the entire clan, with a few swiftly crushed exceptions stands behind the Sword of Caine.
* Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Potence, Obtenebration
* Weaknesses: Vampires of clan Lasombra has no reflection. They do not show up in mirrors, they cannot be photographed, or filmed. They also take extra damage from sunlight.

The Masquerade exists to preserve the Kindred, however, a new struggle is soon on the rise as both the Carmilla and Sabbat have been disbanded, leaving the clans scattered. Even still, they hold the Masquerade, but for how much longer...?

Ok, this will be an in-depth Vampire RP, while many of these facts and details come from the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG, there will be many changes as to what can and can't be allowed. For example, while you will have to choose a clan at the start (I will detail what can and can't be chosen, as well as what is needed) and the details of your Embrace (Detailed in your character sign up sheet) there will be exceptions as to what disciplines your characters can use.

For another example, Tzimitsce's clan Discplines are: Auspex, Animalism, and Vicissitude (Will detail these Disciplines further down for the character sheet) however, I will allow each player to create no more than TWO new Disciplines for their character.

The Sign up sheet will be as follows, I will use My character for the example (The character I have used ever since the start of my Vampire days 6 years ago, so he will be quite more powerful than your characters at the start), Also, amongst these clans however are Non Vampire Characters, often Vampire Hunters and Dhampir's. If you have your character as one of these, your sign up sheet will be slightly different:

Name: Malakai Aresgand [i](Both a first and last name are required)[/i]

Age at time of Embrace [i](Vampire Hunters will put their characters age here)[/i]: 26

Vampiric Age [i](Used only for already Embraced characters or Dhampir. A 0 is placed here for Vampire Hunters or Mortals not yet embraced)[/i]: 5210

Generation [i](Again, a Vampire only trait, all others place 0 here as well. As we progress, if your character get's embraced, then if your Sire, or Maker is a 9th gen Vampire, you are 10th and so on and so forth)[/i]: 4th Generation

Clan [i](Also a Vampire only requirement. One of the Clans listed Above. Dhampir follow no Clan, however, the clan that turned them is still listed here)[/i]: Assamite

Disciplines [i](From those listed above from the clan you are Embraced by, as well as No more than TWO new abilities made up specifically for your character, no other character will be able to use these. Vampire Hunters mostly use Arcane arts, such as Magecraft, ect. So if used, place those here)[/i]: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus, Immolation (Magecraft), and SpellBlade (WarriorMage Craft)

Will [i](Non Embraced will put a 20 here, except for Vampire Hunters. Vampire Hunters Will changes dependant on the Vampire they fight against. For example, If a Vampire has a will of 50, a Vampire Hunter would gain half of it, making their Will 25 for that battle. Since Mortals would have a difficult time fighting against the will power of a Vampire, this makes Vampire Hunter actions easier than those of normal mortals, while still retaining the difficulty of resistance. As your character progresses, certain actions you do and are successful at will raise your will dependant on the difficulty of the act)[/i]: 310

Appearance [i](Non embraced characters place their characters mortal appearance here. Vampiric characters place their characters appearance here. Vampiric appearance varies dependant on which clan you belong to. Nosferatu are horribly disfigured by their curse, where as Grendel take on animalistic characteristics. Tremere gain a lightish yellow tint to their pale skin, ect)[/i]: Malakai stands 5'9", and has an average build, weighing 178 pounds. Not too bulky, while still remaining agile. He has shoulder length, raven colored straight hair. His face is soft, almost oval shaped. His chin is squared off, and he has dark amber eyes, gleaming with intelligence and in some cases, sympathy for mortals.

Like all Kindred, his skin is deathly pale, bordering on white. A result of the raise from death. Back in his time, he wore a midnight blue cape that draped just above his knee-high, black traveling boots. Under the cape, he wore a simple vest of chain mail, underneath which was a solid white noble's shirt with ruffled cuffs, and quite baggy, tucked into dark black breeches, once more, tucked neatly into his boots.

At his left hip, strapped to him, he carried an elegant katana. The scabbard colored midnight blue to match his cloak. The blade carries an almost silvery hue, tempered with steel and silver mix. The tang, or hand guard, is solid bronze, and crafted in the shape of a dragons head. The hilt is delicately wrapped in black and red bindings in a crisscross pattern down the handle, capped at the end with another piece of bronze formed and etched with multiple designs. A gift from his father during his eighteenth birthday.

Now, he dons a full black attire, a long raven colored trench coat flowing out from behind him, a likewise colored turtleneck long sleeved sweater, and black baggy cargo pants tucked into combat boots of matching color. He still carries his katana; however, it lies hidden under the folds of his trench coat.

History [i](If your character is already embraced, you MUST include that here, as well as by what Clan (which will also be included under the Clan portion of your character sheet) As well as your Sire's name. All details of your Embrace must be included)[/i]: Born to a Noble family, Malakai indulged himself with learning the ways of swordsmanship, as well as being a caring soul. He and his family were one of the very few noble kin who helped the less fortunate when they could.

It was late one evening when Malakai was returning from a gathering to hear discussion of the recent deaths plaguing the city as of late. Horrible deaths. According to reports he heard, the victims were usually of "lesser" birth, but were savaged. Usually having bones broken, especially around the throat. And again, the neck is where most of the victims had been killed, but in a most peculiar way. Just under the ear of each victim had been two holes, their blood entirely drained from the corpses, leaving them nothing more but bloodless bodies. The knowledge unnerved him as he gripped the hilt of his sword tighter as he walked home from the meeting place.

Perhaps it planted in his mind by an unseen force, or perhaps it was just his own worries about getting home as quickly as possible haunting him. Either way, he took a path through the back ways of the town. He reached the great fountain when he first heard the voice...

"Are you lost, my friend...?" Came the strange unnatural voice. Calling from the shadows.

Squinting from the above street torches, Malakai peered into the darkness as a figured stepped out. His skin was the first to catch Malakai's attention. Deathly white, much like the corpses he had just seen at the meeting place. His attire was equally as dreadful. Simple black robe covering his frame, which in itself stood at an impressive 6'10''. Over his chest, the ghostly figure wore an equally black hauberk, decorated with symbols of purest silver. Dangling from around the man's neck was what appeared a simple amulet, a large blood red crystal hanging from the moderately thick leather strap. The crystal itself seemed to move like water in its silver capture, almost drawing Malakai's attention completely.

His attention was snapped back when the shadowy figure spoke once more,

"Come, my friend. You are weary; let me guide you home..."

Up till then, Malakai had been completely alert, but suddenly, at this mans words, he felt a great burden, as if he had been walking all night. He spoke, his voice hinting at a sudden weariness.

"Yes... I am tired... Please... Show me the way..."

He slowly stepped toward the cloaked man's outstretched hand. But before he came close enough, his awareness snapped back. Momentary disorientation replaced by alarm. The man suddenly reached out, claws aiming for Malakai's throat. His speed alone made the young noble jerk back out of instinct, drawing his blade as he did so and stepping back a safe distance.

"Quite impressive, mortal... No one has broken my will before... You are strong indeed. Perhaps feeding on you was a miscalculation... No, I have a better thing in mind for one such as you..." He dark man spoke, his voice grave as he smiled, revealing elongated canines.

Malakai swallowed hard, what did this person mean by having something better planned for him? The creature sank into the shadows, vanishing completely from sight, his deep, deathly voice seeming to echo all around Malakai.

"Poor, poor, Mortal... So unknowing about the world around you... heh... That will change soon enough..."

Malakai looked about him frantically, trying in vain to catch a glimpse of the shadow circling him in the night. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain against his left arm, making him cringe. As he looked, his cloak had a ragged tear, and underneath, lay three bloody gashes along his upper arm.

Malakai settled himself, riding panic from his feeling, as it would be the only way he'd survive against this madman, this "necromancer" that seemed to bend the shadows around him and move through them. He gripped the handle of his katana loosely and waited. A sudden raise of the hair on the back of his neck drew his attention, and he swung the sword around behind his. A shout soon followed, as well as a few drops of blood against the ground behind him. Unnatural blood... black as the night itself. However, as to its source, there was no sign. Sunken once more into shadow.

Again, the voice came from all sides, however, a clear hint of rage and pain accompanied it instead of the before sound of arrogance.

"Indeed you are strong... and intelligent... You will make a perfect addition to our clan."

Again, apprehension built up inside Malakai. What did this madman mean? What clan? Them a realization hit him. The corpses at the meeting house... the wounds in their neck... this creatures large fangs... He, no it was the cause... Now, it wanted to make him one of them. The thought brought a sickening feeling to the pit of his stomach, but before he could clear it and steady his composure, the hairs on the right side of his neck stood on end.

Crouching, Malakai turned and thrust his blade outwards, angled upwards slightly. The blade hit its mark as the ghostly white creature�s chest slammed into it, impaling just below the ribs on the right side. Triumph lit on Malakai's features. But the feeling was only brief, replaced with dread as the impaled creature lurched his right hand out, too fast to be dodged, gripping the young mortal by the throat and lifting him off the ground, the blade still pierced through his stomach.

Looking down, the creature snickered before grabbing the blade itself with his free hand, slowly pulling it out of his deathly cold flesh before looking up into Malakai's panic stricken eyes.

"A valiant effort, Mortal... But you have lost this day..." Came his cold voice.

The young bloods eyes widened as the creature pulled him forward, his fangs sinking into the soft flesh of Malakai's throat. All feeling suddenly left his body, replaced by a coldness, and soon, blackness as he fell into unconsciousness as this creature drank his life force quickly through the wounds in his neck...

Malakai woke with a jump, breathing heavily, sweat dripping down his face. He instantly reached up to his neck, feeling with his fingers. No wounds. A dream, it was all a dream, he thought to himself. A sudden pain in his stomach made him cry out. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before. It was then, he noticed his surroundings. This was not his home...

"Ah, so you have arisen..." Came a familiar voice from behind him. Malakia spun around quickly, reaching for his blade, but it was nowhere to be found. Before him stood the very creature who attacked him. A sudden dread and coldness swept over Malakai as he stepped back from the man as he approached. Seeing this, the man stopped, speaking in a tone much unlike the one he had heard before. Softer, but fierce.

"You have nothing more to fear from me, my fledgling... Here, drink." He said as he offered out a crystal goblet of dark liquid.

Malakai didn't drink, but something about the liquid pulled at him, made his mouth water. A pain in his upper jaw sparked him, and reaching up, he found the cause. His eye teeth were fangs, elongated and pointed, razor sharp.

"What did you do to me?!" Malakai cried out, staring in utter rage at this creature holding out the goblet.

As if the question itself was absurd, the dark clad shadow walker snorted, "I have brought you from the shallow existence you once lived into a greater world. I have freed you from the shackles of death. THAT is what I have done... Now drink. You need to regain your strength. You have much to learn, and will need full strength if to survive."

Malakai looked into the goblet and nearly lost his balance. Blood. The goblet was filled with blood. His new hunger rose instantly, as did a sickness in his stomach as he backed away.

"Wh-- What are you, foul creature?"

"I am Asmarath Tenenmark, your Sire, or Maker if you prefer. I, like you now, am a Vampire. We require blood to survive, or we perish. So we feed off the living, or mortal. We are neither living nor dead; hence we cannot die a mortal�s death. However, if we do not feed, we will suffer a second death. A more painful and agonizing one, a permanent one." Came Asmarath's response.

Malakai's head began to swim, his hunger growing more and more painful the longer he ignored it. But he refused to succumb; he'd rather die a second death that live like this... a parasite amongst the living. He backed away further from Tenenmark, running his back into the far wall, crouching into a dark corner.

"I refuse to be what you want me to be..." Malakai started, "I would rather die..."

Asmarath walked slowly over to his new fledgling, kneeling down in front of him.

"You say that now, but think of all the knowledge you could gain in this new existance. The things you could see. Never in your mortal life would you be able to do all of the things you've wanted to do. However, in this existence, you can."

Malakai looked up at him, his Master, his Sire. He spoke to him as a parent would a child. And in some twisted way, this was now so. He reached for the goblet, his thirst, his hunger bordering on maddening pain. He drank deeply, and strangely enough, the blood was sweet, like fresh honey. But revolting still in the back of Malakai's mind.

"Slowly... slowly, my child... Drink to fast and its sustenance won't be able to keep up." His Sire instructed. And under his instruction, Malakai slowed till the goblet was empty.

"Now, you must rest, Malakai. The sun shall be up soon. The suns rays are the death of our kind, so we must never enter them."

Malakai nodded and followed his Master... his new life had begun.

Master level swordsmanship, Computer use (Hacking), Martial Arts, Magecraft


Now, a list of the Disciplines is as follows. If you have any questions about these, please PM me.

Obfuscate - The Discipline of blending. Able to merge with shadows, move unseen amongst them

Celerity - The ability to move faster than mortal eyes can track. Most Vampires possess this Discipline.

Presence - The Discipline of Manipulation. Able to charm a person, or cause dread among them.

Auspex - The Discipline of Increased ability. Heightened Senses, Aura Perception, ect are all included in this Discipline

Dementation - Much like Presence, this Discipline is used in Manipulation and perceiving what is in front of the Vampire as well as around.

Animalisim - The Discipline of controlling and using the wild animals to your whim.

Protean - This Discipline has multiple uses. One, it can allow the Vampire to heighten their sense of sight, allowing for far seeing ability as well as enhanced night sight. Secondly, it is also used to change the Vampires shape. Everywhere from growing sudden large claws, to turning into a wolf are possible with this Discipline

Dominate - As it sounds, this Discipline is Mind Control. Able to bend the thoughts of another to the Vampire's every wish.

Thaumaturgy - This Discipline is known to the Tremere. Called "Blood Magic" they use their blood to cast potent, powerful spells

Necromancy - As most know, Necromancy is the Discipline of controlling, or raising the dead. Powerful, and mainly used only by the Giovanni, however. Its use has been recorded in Tremere legend as well.

Quietus - The Discipline of "Moving without sound or presence", just as that says, it allows the Vampire to move virtually unnoticed amongst Vampire and Mortals alike while still being in plain view. A dangerous and powerful Discipline indeed.

Obtenebration - A Discipline known only to the Lasombra Clan. It summons the inner darkness of the Vampire and manifests it into physical form. Usually in the shape of a hunter, or other such "ally"

Those are the disciplines of each Vampire clan, however. As stated, I am allowing each person upon their embrace also create two new Disciplines for themselves to use (Mine are Magecraft and WarriorMage Craft).

And with that, let the sign ups begin. On one final note. I will need at least three other players to play as Leaders of one of the clans of their choosing (Most notably, one for the Giovanni as they will be pretty central to the storyline). If you want one of those positions, write up a bio and PM it to me, it should be very well written and contain a lot of information similar to how my bio is constructed. If accepted, I will PM you with the details of your Clan. Other than those three positions, all other will join "The Game" as mortals, However, whether your character gets embraced or not depends entirely on how you play and if a clan takes an interest in you ;-P


Once I get a few sign ups, we'll begin
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