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RPG Full Metal Alchemist RP [PG-LV]


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Long ago a young girl with blonde hair stood on her doorstep waiting for her father to come home, a young boy with black hair sat in a chair staring at his sister, their mother was making something for them to eat.
Mother: come here Suki...
Suki: yes mom...
Brother: Suki...stop waiting you know daddy isn't coming back!
They looked at each other with evil glares in their eyes, like any brother and sister would do.
Mother: ENOUGH! *she looked at them* What is wrong with you? You were so happy before...and now...
Kire: It is cuz daddy didn't come home...and Suki is going to cry about it...
She has tears falling down her face, as she yelled at her brother.
Every night it was like this, the rain would fall and they would fight.
Their father was an Alchemist, he worked for the guys in central, he never came home and he was always gone, he missed both of his childerns births.
Mother: *she threw the food on the floor* GO TO YOUR ROOM!
The kids ran up the stairs to the room, not eatting for a second night.
The mother fainted on the floor, both kids screamed, Kire went to his mother's side while Suki ran to get the doctor.
Kire: stupid sickness...
Mother: *she smiled* no...it is ok...i'll be fine....*she closed her eyes and sighed gently* i just worked too hard today...
Suki and the doctor came in and stared at her mother, the mom looked like she stopped breathing.
Suki: MOMMY! *tears stream down her face*
Years later Kire and Suki grew up alone with out a parent figure
(thus this is the story of my FMA charater anyone may enter, they must explain what their charater looks like, and etc)
Suki: *stare out the window sighing*
Kire: stop sighing...
Suki: *looks at him* why should i can i sigh?
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Guest ShonenSamuraiMugen
Cool, Well I have two FMA characters. Au and Hugh. Two cousins who ste out on a journey two retrieve the sun stones to bring back their moms, after a daring attempt of human alchemy.

Name: Austin Booker

Age: 15

Alchemy: Anything nature

Hair: Brown

Siblings: Brittany, state alchhemist along side his father.= the water alchemist and the metallic alchemist

Name: Hunter Mann

Age: 15

Alchemy: Can control mass, length and anything with area in it.

Siblings: Benjamen, a state alchemist.= the flame alchemist

Those are my characters...
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Welcome to the Arena, [B]Dark'sgirl15[/B]. I'm afraid this thread is being locked for two reasons:

1. [B]Grammar.[/B] Correct grammar usage and a backstory are required for all RPs. We advise that the back story be at least two paragraphs long. Requirements and recommendations can all be found in the Inn's sticky at the top of the page and also [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here[/URL].

2. [B]Recruitment.[/B] All RPGs [i]must[/i] go through recruitment. That way you know who's playing and who's not. The Inn is [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=48]here[/URL]. You need to post a discription and what you need for characters there first.

[b]digix: Do not play mod. If you see a thread you think will get locked, don't post in it, report it.[/b]

Read the sticky, know the sticky, the sticky is your friend, as it makes both our lives easier. Feel free to repost this, correcting the grammar, and also feel free to recruit other players. But for now,

[b]Thread locked.[/b][/COLOR]
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