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Anime Hare+Guu


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Being at Otakon yesterday, I was able to attend a premier of a show called Hare+Guu ? I had seen shots of it in various music videos, but I had not heard it's name nor had I heard what it was about at the time.

Hare+Guu is... really hard to describe, to say the least. A good short description can be found on it's [URL= http:///www.hareguu.com/welcome/]site[/URL] , but to give a very brief attempt, Hare is a young boy living in the jungle with his mother, and when the viillage finds a pretty young girl named Guu with no parents, Hare's mother takes her in. Guu's pretty apperances are deceiving though, as her real expression and demeanor are sullen and dark, to say the least. Also, she seems to, for lack of a better term, eat everything - and I mean everything. She's not normal, or at least that's what frightened Hare is thinking. I won't say any more lest I spoil anything. Based on the two episodes they showed us, the show is completely off the top - hallf the things that made me laugh, I had no idea that they were coming, and I was glad that I able to watch it.

Has anyone else seen, or at least heard of this anime?
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