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Gaming Nintendo All Stars 05


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[color=darkred]This thread is directed to those in the UK, and anyone else who'll be in the country whenever this event takes place. So I was wondering if anyone else was going to bother going, or has already been. Myself, I had my heart set on going a few weeks ago when I first heard about it, but after looking into it more I slowly withdrew from the idea (the closest venue to me is an hour away by coach, by the way, which is why I've got mixed feelings about going). I suspect the main reason why anyone would go to this would be for the playable demo of The Twilight Princess, and with the recently announced delay of the release date I'm guessing more and more people will want to go.

Here's a link to the website: [url]www.game.net/allstars[/url]

Nintendogs will be there, too. Apparently it will be making its way down in a fluffy, dog-like bus similar to the car in Dumb and Dumber. If anyone has been to any of the past events then please post your experience, I'd like to hear about it.[/color]
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