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What's in your vehicle... and why?


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[color=darkviolet]I've realized that my car can be sited as a disaster area because I have so much crap in there. So I'm going to tell everyone what I have in there and why. Then others can share, but please say why it's in there. If you don't have a car, you can use your parent's car instead. I hope this thread works.

[b][u][center]A short list of what's in my car[/u][/center]

Riding helmet-[/b] I take horsebackriding lessons every Sunday so I want to make sure I don't forget my helmet or I'd have to use one provided for me by the stable... no thank you. I need to buy a new one soon since I've fallen on my head (no comments please) a few too many times.

[b]Riding Crop/bat[/b]- Previous reasoning as well, I like to use my own things. Besides there is pretty much always a shortage of decent crops.

[b]Car Seat-[/b] I have a ten month old girl and since NY state law requires children under 4'6 and I think 60lbs I'll need this one for a while.

[b]CD cases-[/b]You can only listen to radio stations for so long before they start to play commercials or crappy music on all six preset stations. And some of the bands I like to listen to aren't on the radio or the songs I like aren't always played. I'm a control freak, I like my music to be played at all times.

[b]Stroller[/b]- Okay so that's really in the [i]trunk[/i] (boot) of my car, but enough technicalities, as I've stated I have a baby, she's almost 20lbs, and she can't walk. I don't want to have her crawling everywhere and she's too heavy to carry. So this stroller comes in handy. Plus it has a basket underneath to contain the next item.

[b]Diaper bag-[/b] Because buying diapers, formula, bottles, toys, plugs, (pacifires binkies nukes ect ect) extra clothes wipes and whatever else I may need takes a toll on my bank account and I don't want to do it ever time I go out. And I have to keep it in the car for when I drop my baby off at the baby sitters every morning for work.

[b]Two bags of diapers][/b]- I went to the grocery store last night to buy diapers, it was pouring when I got home you do the math.

[b]A bag of socks-[/b] Well one good reason is because I can't find them, another is that I keep them in my car for when I go to work, and my best reason is so my brother or his buddy don't take them. And yes I just bought the socks.

[b]Can of formula-[/b] Because it will last longer than a three sectioned serving container and I don't have the money for a new formula server right now.

[b]Saddle[/b]- Okay it's not in my car yet, but it is for most of the week, I just took it out becuase when I leave it in my 5 person car becomes a three person and techincally it's only a two person then since the car seat takes up one seat already.

I hope I interested you with my car's contents, too bad I took the soda out already that would have been a good story. So share your lists.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]Lets see..

[B]Trash[/B] - Coke cans, McDonalds wrappers, $.79 Taco Wrappers from Taco Bell (Really good deal, if you ask me.), all kinds of other crap. A total manly car!

[B]Backpack[/B] - School backpack because, well, we just went back to school. I never take that out of my car and come to think of it, I should just leave it in my locker.

[B]Skateboard[/B] - Well, these are in the trunk but I use them often so I suppose I should just count them too.

[B]CD Case[/B] - Much like ChibiHorsewoman above you can only listen to the radio for so long, so I just HAD to get a CD Player installed. I listen to CD quite a bit, so this one is a must.

[B]X-Box[/B] - Yeah, a bit dumb and unbelievable but it doesn't work so... I've been neglecting to take it to my friend for him to fix cause he is all about fixing electronics and stuff. If anyone wants a broken X-Box for parts to create a Frankenbox just go ahead and steal it! I won't miss it one bit!

[B]Car parts[/B] - Yeah, my car is falling apart. Side panelings and seat belt covers. The whole thing is just coming apart around me. I think even some foam from my steering wheel is somewhere in my car interior![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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