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RPG Lucifer's Court (PG)

Darker Alucard

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In it's beautifully decorated throne of Light, God is sitting. He stands before it's best Half Breeds. within a split second all the Half-Breeds receive the same telepathical revelation: "[I]Go my virtous warriors and serve the glory of light. you've probably been wandering "What is all this war all about?" I'll tell you. It's About Seven Artifacts. each one of these 7 artifacts opens one of the seals of the scroll of god. though the artifacts and the scroll wo're taken by one fallen angel. Gabriel, The Archangel succefully killed this wicked being but he dropped the 8 items to the sea. thei are now spread around this world and this age the Rennassaince. wish you luck. you will need it.[/I]

The God of flies Lucifer is bathing in a lake in a blood and filth misture liquid. He starts swimming. He finnaly floats and stands on the waterHe looks to his Army with a Happy look in his face. He Shouts: "Ravage Throug The world And find me The seven seal breakers and the scroll. (showing holografical images of the 8 items) The one who brings me the mosts gets some less of Painfull torture."
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