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Lyfe Jennings [LYFE 268-192]

Manic Webb

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I've noticed that my threads about CDs tend to be long-winded, so I'll abridge this as much as I possibly can...

I recently picked up the debut album by an R&B singer named Lyfe Jennings. Some of you might know his current hit single, "Must Be Nice." Others might know him from his 5-time winning stint at the famed Apollo theatre.

Lyfe's singing style is reminiscent of Sam Cook or Al Green, which is a breath of fresh air. He is also a skilled guitarist, and employs the accoustic guitar in several songs.

The lyrics to his songs tell an interesting story. See, the reason "Lyfe 268-192" is the title of his album is because 268-192 were his prison numbers. Jennings bears his soul with a series of songs that explain his journey in love, crime, prison, and how he pulled his life together.

[b][u]Track Highlights[/u][/b]
[b]"Must Be Nice"[/b] - The beginning of the album. This is a song where Lyfe describes his ideal mate; how it must be nice to come home to someone to understands him. This is, of course, just him imagining it.
[b]"She Got Kids"[/b] - Lyfe's new girlfriend has kids from a previous relationship. He loves her, but is he ready to be the father of her children? Why did their real father leave? If this lady has any children through Jennings himself, would it be okay for him to play favorites? I love this song because it asks questions that I've never heard anybody ask in a song.
[b]"Hypothetically[/b]" - In this song, Lyfe asks the mother of his children-- what if he cheated on her? Hypothetically, of course. This represents the downfall of their relationship, and the downfall of Lyfe's... uh... life.
[b]"Cry"[/b] - With his baby's mother asking for child support, bills stacking up, no job, and after being reduced to robbing stores to make money, Jennings reaches the absolute lowest ebb in his life. In this song, all that's left to do is cry. It really shows off Lyfe's singing ability, and his incredible singing range.
[b]"My Life"[/b] - This is where the album begins to wrap up, and Jennings reminisces about his life as a whole-- the good and the bad. Curiously, Jennings makes a dedication to the late great *Christopher Reeve in the song. In the chorus. It was just unexpected.

So if you haven't heard this album yet, and you like [b]good[/b] R&B, give this a listen. If you hear any talking at the beginning or ends of the songs, that's most likely just Jennings carrying on about what his songs are about. He does that in the actual album, so don't delete any [legally] downloaded files over it.

*[i]While we're reminiscing Christopher Reeve
you're still Superman to me[/i]
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