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Making a valid Topic.


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Welcome to the OtakuBoards Monkeyfeet63.

As long as you follow the rules of the site, which can be viewed by clicking on the link in the menu to the left, you can start topics that will generate into quality discussions. Unfortunately this topic is not focused/directed towards a quality discussion amongst the members. The first post in a thread will help set the tenor of the discussion.

As it stands now it appears to be more of a request for Stuart to meet up with you via AIM. Messages directed towards individual members should be sent to them via the PM system of the site versus using a thread in the forums. It is also important to make sure you post your topic in the correct forum. Discussions about the site, the rules or a particular issue of one of the forums should be posted in the Suggestions and Feedback forum and not the Otaku Lounge.

If you have questions about the rules of the site please feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators of the site. Thanks!

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