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[COLOR=DarkRed]Has anyone else ever heard the amazingly underrated band Sandbox? They're a band that never really achieved super-popularilty, but they really should have. They're a Can-Rock band based in Nova Scotia, and they were a round for quite a while. They have a few albums out, but my favourite is the Murder at the Glee Club.

What first drew me to this band is that the lead guitarist is the absolutly amazing Mike Smith, better known as Bubbles from the amazingly funny Trailer Park Boys. He's easily one of the most underrated guitarists of our time; I'd place him up with Hendrix or Clapton easy, though the band doesn't really do him justice.

I really like Sandbox's sound, I only found out about them today and I already love them.

So does anyone else know/like Sandbox? If not, download a few songs: you might be plesently surprised.[/COLOR]
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