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The Ultimate Fighter... Season Two!


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What do all of you think of this show so far?

I thought that Melvin getting booted so early was funny... he came in talking all big and claiming to be the best and he was the first one eliminted! He suffers from the same weakness that Chris Leben suffered from last year... the guy looked like a great striker and he showed some skill getting out of those holds, but he was too cautious. If he had opened up on Josh Burkman in a flurry of agression when the chances popped up (and there were several chances), he might have just knocked the guy out.

Those two that clapsed under pressure and difficulty in the first week were pathetic. If you're not cut out for it, you'll get booted eventually. At least stick around and try, don't go down looking like a weak jackass. Even if you start winning a lot of fights, the big MMA companies are still going to be hesitant to higher because you showed that you were a risky investment by quiting on the job on national television.

I liked that they decided to go straight to the fights. The "preliminaries" in the first season really got on my nerves. Its a competition to decide who's going to get a UFC contract, people should only get eliminated by getting beat in the octagon.

Good season so far.
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