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Writing A poem for the open minded [MA-SL]


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Allright, I'm new here, and so I'd thought I'd share a couple poems with you. I'll say right now that I am very weird and that comes out in my poetry, that's one of the reason's I'm only giving a few. So, I hope you like it.

"living in a world of ghosts"

stay quiet
stop the noise
don't come down here
if you want to live
the things here are all dead
and burried in the ground
dust collects on
their memorials
but no one dares to
clean them
the language here is
I lose all feeling
as the f***er dances
say nice things
if you have something to say
why don't you
give me anything
or i'll wipe that
f***ing smirk off your face
I'll look for what
I want
but when I find it
I won't know what
to do with it
her hair's so soft
I rub her head
like petting a cat
she's so cute
smiling at me
she purrs
she meows
she falls into my arms
go to sleep

?too much medication said the doctor to the nurse as the patient dies?

aspirin and salt tablets
what else can I eat
what else can I drink
water and blood
he?ll come at 4
with his misshapen briefcase
full of pens
the clouds form
in the pink sky
your political manifesto
doesn?t interest me
your timed attacks
don?t hurt me
safety pins close the gap
between hell and
high water
but it?s cold up there
where the killer lives
it?s so nice and
where I am
let me stay
jumper cables strap
me down
onto a folding chair
she walks up
her tongue comes out
I accept
needles go in
the veins
but blood doesn?t
come out
the painter
whitewashes the house
what better
color is there
I pay my bills
but I have no
I use this
trick I learned
to entertain guests
but I don?t
have any
what?s the difference
between you
and that one
over there
buying a soda
from a broken
vending machine
he wears an
eye patch
over his mouth
she pulls the
ribbon out of
her hair
he goes to the table
next to the bed
pulls out a gun
and shoots himself in the head

I hope you like them. If you did, I'll post more. And sorry I forgot the rating before. :animeswea
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