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Writing Brown Eyes [PG]


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[color=teal][center]All you can see, my friend and my enemy,
Is the sin in my eyes, and the virtue of life.
A close-knit hatred, and a well-founded trust.
Beneath my exterior, can you see this?

All you know is what's on the outside.
Seeing without your heart isn't the way.
Prove your worth, prove your love, and look with your heart.
See for certain what I am inside, or your heart will be denied.

My soul remains hidden, beneath my brown eyes.
They watch you so closely, seeing what you don't.
A tear or a twinkle, perhaps even a gleam
Give away your secrets to those who can read them.

Listen to me, and open your heart.
Or my own will remain locked to your prying eyes.
Be gentle, be true, and all will come softly.
Those with greed in their eyes remain blinded to mine.

For I see not with my brown eyes, fear not my love.
But the secrets of my soul are easy to find.
Open your heart to find what's inside.
Hold me close, kiss me lightly, and let me look with my eyes.[/center][/color]
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