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Writing In Knowledge We Grieve. [E]


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Fermenting of my mind be gentle
The ashes are squelching brightly
If we do not understand the night
Then surely the day will never be.

And for hours on the moonlight
I stretch the cold air so, so thin
Like the generality of my stupor
I was blinded by the mind within.

The universe is the devourers salve
It heals all wounds and eats you clean
And midnight is not your friend alone
So stay away from the diaphanous stars.

Oh luscious vines revered so high
Lacerate my pain in the eternal void
I have the pangs and pains of eternity
In the grave of a thousand heart beats.

The skulls of mistrust are blind
To when I take their fruitless ears
They cannot hear what it is in fear
Not to what isn?t in this cold year.

So wind so dank and lifeless become
I am forever in your debt when I drink
A coil is the burden of this lifeless shell
Understand that I am now truly immortal.
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