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Request can someone help me out?


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hi uhh can some one make me a avy and sig?

can i get the avy whith Anna from Shaman King?
font: dosnt matter to me
text: YohsAnn
if posibble can you make it in Japanese please?

can i get a sig whith Yoh also from Shaman King?
font: it still dosnt matter
Text:Im a devill that protects all Shamans
if possible in japanese

i hope you could use this pic for either the sig or avy [IMG]http://www.kawaiiaya.blogger.com.br/yoh_anna.jpg[/IMG]

THANK YOU, to whomever dose it for me :catgirl:
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[QUOTE=PAche]i gave it a try...hope the sig isnt too "dusty" for you


thats awsome thank you so much! :animesmil :animesmil :animesmil
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