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Bruce Cockburn (That's Coh-Burn!)


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[COLOR=DarkRed]This thread is dedicated to the discussion of one my favourite singer/songwriters - Bruce Cockburn.

A Canadian Folk-Rock legend, Bruce is one the greatest song-writers I've ever heard. Lyrically unparelled, instrumentally amazing, vocally moving, Bruce has it all. But it doesn't end at his music - oh no. Bruce is one of the most generous people to ever live - he's raised millions upon millions for poor nations, he's spent much of his own life working in Africa and South America, and gave the most moving show I've ever seen at Live 8 in Barrie, Ontario.

Best known for his songs focusing on poor nations and corruption - songs like Waiting for a Miracle, Call it Democracy, and If I had a Rocket Launcher (Some Son of a ***** would Die) - Bruce has a way of experessing the anguish of an entire people that no one can match. I vividly recall crying during Live 8 when he preformed 'Waiting for a Miracle', somthing that no other song I've ever heard has done.

So I ask you - are there any other fans of Bruce Cockburn? If you've ever heard some of his works it's hard not to be one - so if you havn't, I'd recomend downloading a few samples. [/COLOR]

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