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Anime Transformers the Movie - Reconstructed - Discuss

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Guest cliffjumper12
Transformers the Movie – Reconstructed – Discuss

There are three things that make this Movie stand out:

The first is the picture size.
The original Theatre release was cropped for wide screen, however, Metrodome have used some technical wizardry in order to include more of the originally drawn image.
The Second is picture quality
Somehow, Metrodome have cleaned up the image to make it much brighter and clearer than anything previously released.

The third is Sound
Metrodome have produced a new mix in order to improve sound quality. These consist of two audio options – 5.1 and 2.0.

So what does this all add up to? Certainly the extra picture and better quality greatly enhanced my viewing pleasure. As for the sound, the new mix, for the most part is very good although this is a slightly contentious issue (i’ve heard some people say they didn’t like some of the new sfx).

So what do I think overall? Basically this is the best version ever of Transformers the Movie. If your into transformers, it’s pretty much a ‘must have’ situation. You can’t please all the people all time, with regards to the sound, but that’s life.
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