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Writing Engines Mouth (Poem) [PG]


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[center]And so Hell when last words are favored
Over the last dinner at night
Take me under your burning wings
Understand that I have now my place with you.

Your love and your hate salivate at my side
Caressing my cool hair
The stuffiness of the late air is cooling my nostrils
And tightening my chest it hurts to breathe my breaths.

Ravished beyond the Milky Way in despair
Under leagues of ocean
I swallow the profuse composition of hard liquor
Water in my veins from the acid of my eyes.

Leave now and do not turn back their eyes relish you
Glimmering in the snow white
Be cautious Hell wants you under its wings like a mother
Take the path to your will according to the engines mouth.[/center]
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