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Gaming Two GTA Special Editions coming


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(Courtesy of [url]www.1up.com[/url])

[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Times New Roman]A secret source who spends his days rifling through Rockstar's garbage (no, really!) tells us that the company will be announcing two special edition Grand Theft Auto packages tomorrow to promote the newly cleaned-up, Hot Coffee-free version of San Andreas.
The first is for Xbox owners, dubbed The Trilogy, and will include GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas together in one pack for $59.99. The second is the PS2 San Andreas Special Edition which will include the new version of the game, along with a second DVD featuring the prequel movie (previously only available if you bought the soundtrack CD) and the recently announced Sunday Driver feature.

We hear the PS2 game will be priced at $49.99. Both packs should be in stores on October 18th, just as hype for the PSP's Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories starts buzzing off the charts. [/FONT] [/COLOR]

Im gonna get the PS2 version. ( I wanna see that sequel!)
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