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Writing Saiyuki: Oh Sister Where Art Thou? (PG-SLV)


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Hi there everyone. Nuriko here welcoming you to my first Saiyuki fanfic. I hope you enjoy and leave lots of nice reviews.

Summary: When young woman appears to the Sanzo party claiming to be Sanzo?s sister. Who is she really? and why does she have such an interest in Hakkai? Could it be that their pasts are related? And could she be the one to finally put his past behind him?

Disclaimer: I don?t own Saiyuki or it?s characters. I do however own Ai Takara and would appriciate you asking before you use her ok?

Chapter 1: Sister?!?!

? These guys are a real pain in the ass.? Gojyo mumbled as his Jakujou went through the torso of a nearby demon causing it to disintegrate. ? I can?t argue with that.? Hakkai said as he dodged the blade of an oncoming demon. Gojyo smirked as another of the demons charged him. ? Don?t they ever learn?? He questioned as he struck the demon who let out a loud yell as it disintegrated. He blinked in surprise when a long gold-tipped pole went whizzing by his head to conect solidly with the unseen demon?s head.

Goku smirked as he landed next to Gojyo as the demon disappeared. ? Watch it, yah nearly took my head off!? Gojyo yelled in Goku?s face. ? Your welcome asshole, next time I?ll aim.? Goku retorted in Gojyo?s face. ? Why you little?? Gojyo began as an all out argument began. Hakkai stood nearby sweet dropping as he held up his hands. ? You guys please, we really should go see if Sanzo needs our help.? He said trying to break up the fight. He gasped when a large explosion went off behind him causing him to fly forward and land heavily on his stomach.

Goku and Gojyo both ducked as a large explosion rocked the ground. ? What the hell?? Goku asked sitting up and holding his head. His eyes grew wide when he noticed Hakkai laying face down a few feet away. ? Hakkai, are you alright?? he called running over to his side and rolling him over. Hakkai grunted as he opened his eyes and looked up at Goku?s worried face.

? Goku?? He asked blinking to clear his vision. His eyes grew wide as he sat up and looked around worriedly. ?Where?s Gojyo?? He asked looking at Goku who shrugged. ? I don?t think yah gotta worry ?bout me.? Gojyo stated form nearby leaning on his Jakujou and smiling cockily. Hakkai smiled relieved, but it quickly faded. ? Who did this?? Goku asked walking to the edge of a large crater.

Gojyo and Hakkai following close behind him. ? Well, who ever did this must be pretty damned strong.? Gojyo comented peering over the edge. Hakkai nodded as he kneeled by the hole inspecting the blast marks. ? This wasn?t made by bombs or explosives.? He said quietly looking grimly up at Goku and Gojyo. ? What do you mean, Hakkai?? Goku asked nervously. ? He means that this was made with some one?s powers, dumbass.? Gojyo mumbled popping Goku in the back of the head. Goku rubbed his head as he opened his mouth to respond but was cut off when a small explosion went off next to his foot. ? Oww? What was that?? He asked rubbing his foot. He blinked when another went off next to his other foot. ? What the hell?? He questioned as another went off this time next to Gojyo. ? Ok that?s it, who the hell is out there?? Gojyo yelled as he Hakkai, and Goku dodged the explosions. ? Oh come now boys, don?t you enjoy fire works?? Came a sultry voice from the surrounding trees. ? Actually we do. Just not the kind you mean.? Hakkai said dodging another blast as he looked for the source.

? Oh well, that?s too bad I so hoped you would enjoy the finale.? The voice said as it began to laugh. The three companions blinked when the explosions stopped as did the laughter, as the sound of a gunshot was heard. They were surprised when the body of a well endowed female demon fell from a nearby tree. A few seconds later a young woman dropped from the same tree. She smiled as she stood and gave the body a good kick before snapping her fingers, causing a small explosion that caused the body to disintegrate.

The three looked on shocked as the woman turned to look at them. Their eyes grew wide, and their jaws dropped at her appearance. It was clear that she was half demon by her blood red eyes and hair that reached her waist and was pulled into two long pig-tails. She stood around 5?7?? with a modest figure, and her out fit accentuated every bit of it. She wore a tight fitting lavender halter top with see through mesh along her midriff. A black mini skirt accented with red stripes near the bottom, and a pair of tight fitting pants that ended just above her knees and left a gap between her black and purple boots.

? Holy shit, when did Sanzo start cross-dressing?? Gojyo asked the first to recover his voice. Both Goku and Hakkai were still to stuned to speak. Gojyo was right though despite having different colored hair and eyes and being female. She could?ve passed for Sanzo?s twin. At hearing the name ? Sanzo? the woman?s eyes widened as she placed a hand to her chest. ? Did you say Sanzo? As in Genjyo Sanzo?? She asked hr voice light and hopefull.

Hakkai nodded recovering from his initial shock and took a step towards her. ? Yes he is our traveling companion. My name is Cho Hakkai, and this is Sha Gojyo and Son Goku. May I ask why you are looking for him?? He asked quietly giving her a small smile. Not noticing the blush on her checks at hearing his name.

? Well?? She began but was cut off by the cocking of a gun from behind her. ? Thanks for the help. I should kill all three of you.? Sanzo said pointing his gun at his three companions. Blinking when he noticed the red-headed woman in front of him. He sighed as he lowered his gun and stashed it in his robes. He blinked when he looked back up to find the woman looking at him tears in her eyes and her hands clapped over her mouth.

He blinked when he suddenly found her arms around his neck and her head on his shoulder sobbing uncontrollably. ? I finally found you Kouryuu, my brother.? She said between sobs as Sanzo?s eyes widened at what she said. Nearby the three companions stood jaws once again dropped at what she had just said. ? Holy shit, Sanzo has a sister?? Gojyo asked looking at the woman hugging the stunned monk. ? It would seem that way.? Hakkai said still shocked, looking a Goku who was still to shocked to move.

? Pardon me Miss, but I believe you have the wrong person.? Sanzo said irritably as he tried to pry the woman from around his neck. He blinked when she pulled back and looked into his eyes. She didn?t have to say it he could see in her eyes what she had just said was true. He was surprised when she pulled out a paper fan and began to hit him on the head. ? You asshole, I came all this way just to track you down, and what do I get in return? Your bullshit.? She growled as she thumped him again.

? Yep, she defiantly related to Sanzo.? Gojyo commented trying to contain his laughter as the woman continued to beat the crap out of the monk.

Well that?s it for chapter one. What do you think love it? Hate it? Please tell me. All flames will be used to roast marshmallows.

Preview to Next Episode: Hey, Goku here. You don?t want to miss the next episode of Saiyuki. Who is this mysterious woman claming to be Sanzo?s sister? And more importantly how can she be half-demon? Find all this out and more in the next episode of Saiyuki: One?s Past.

Well until next time. Happy Trails.

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