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Writing Fullmetal Alchemist: A Moment's Time (PG-VL)


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Hi there everyone, Nuriko here welcoming you to my first Full Metal Alchemist Fan Fic. I should warn you that I have not seen all of the show, or the movie. But I have been able to read some things on what happened at the end. So if anything in this Fic is incorrect, please forgive me. Some parts of it will be made up seeing as how what I have read or seen is limited. If you have any info please tell me?your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Summary: When two alchemists are accidentally sent to the past what kind of impact will they have on the past?

Disclaimer: I don?t own Full Metal Alchemist. I do however own Trisha and Kip and would appreciate you asking before you use them. Kay?

One Mississippi
A warm spring breeze blows gently through the fields on the outskirts of Resembool. The small town really hasn?t changed much in the last years. A few more inns perhaps, and an expanded Auto-Mail shop are really the only changes apparent to the small town.

Towards the edge of town two figures can be seen setting on top of a small hill over looking the fields. One of the figures a girl around sixteen watches the fields, her head resting on her folded arms as the breeze gently blows her shoulder length bronze-gold hair. The other figure a medium sized black and brown dog looks at her master before gently nudging her arm with her nose and whining.

The girl chuckles lightly as she reaches over and scratches the dog?s ears. ? Sorry Dina.? The girl apologized as she turned her head to look at the dog, her gold eyes shining in the sunlight. Dina wagged her tail in response to her master?s voice. The girl smiles before she turns her head back to the fields all the while continuing to pet the dog.

Dina suddenly turns her head to look behind her as her tails begins to wag faster at seeing the approaching man. ?There you two are.? Al Elric said smiling as he stopped a few feet away and gazed out towards the fields. The younger Elric has grown up in the last twenty-two years. He now stands at 5?11?? and is still a bit husky in his build. His eyes are still childlike and kind, though you can see just a bit of hidden sadness in them.

He gives a nostalgic smile as he gazes out at the fields before turning to look at the girl.

? Come on Trish, we still need to stop at the post office before we go home. And knowing you?re mother if we?re late to dinner she?ll make both of us sleep outside with Dina.? Al said thinking for a moment. Trish chuckled at the thought of her and her father crammed into the doghouse with Dina.

?Alright, Dad. I?ll be there in a minute.? The teenager said smiling at her father as he nodded and began to walk towards the town. Trish sighed as she shook her head as she pulled her self to her feet. Pausing to wipe the dirt and grass from her khaki shorts. ?Come on Dina.? She said clapping her hands in front of her as she walked. The dog let out a small bark as she trotted after her master.

Trisha smiled as she and Dina walked through the streets of Resembool. Several of the townspeople waving and saying hello as she walked by. Being the daughter of the resident auto-mail dealer made her a well-known face around the town. She wasn?t surprised when they rounded the corner to the small building that served as the post office; to find her father standing by the door looking through a few letters.
?Ah?Trish, it looks like you have a letter?in here somewhere.? He said looking back through the mail when he noticed her walking towards him. ? Here.? He said handing her a small white envelope. Trish sighed as she looked down at the nicely addressed envelope. She almost didn?t want to open it; or at least not around her father.

?Well?? Al asked looking at his daughter over the top of the letter he was reading. ? Well what?? Trish asked raising an eyebrow as she looked at her father. ? Aren?t you going open it? Or is this a new teenaged phase where you just look at the envelope?? He asked chuckling at the exasperated look on her face.

? Fine.? She grumbled as she opened the top of the envelope and removed the letter. She gave her father a dirty look before unfolding the letter and reading it?s contents. Just as she?d guessed it was from her mystery pen pal.

Hello Trish,

How are you? Hopefully well. I?m just fine. I actually just received your letter the other day. Unfortunately I haven?t had time to look up the information you wanted. But I would say that the test would most likely be held some time with in the next few weeks. If you do decide to participate, please tell me. Perhaps I?ll see you there, as you know both my parents are in the military. Actually their both gone at the moment. You have no idea how lucky you are to have both parents home all the time. Well anyways I have to go? if you do participate in the State Alchemy test please let me know. I wish you the best of luck.

You?re Friend,


Trisha smiled happily as she finished reading the letter. Blinking when she heard her father chuckle. ? You know after four years of righting back and forth, he?d send you a photo, or at least tell you his last name.? Al said nodding his head as he began to walk. Trish following as she placed the letter in her pocket. ? Well I think it?s different, sort of mysterious.? She said matter of factly as she crossed her arms. Al chuckled as they continued on their way home. ? If I didn?t know better I?d say you like this guy.? He said looking at his daughter and trying not to laugh at the blush that was covering Trish?s face.

? What would give you that idea?? She snapped turning her head as they neared their house. ? No reason.? He said shrugging as they reached the bottom of the stairs. ? Go on ahead and feed Dina before you come in.? He said motioning towards the dog who waged her tail at the mention of food.

Trish nodded as she turned towards the shed in the back yard. Once safely behind the house she allowed a large smile to spread across her face as she gently rested her hand on her pocket where the letter was.

Ok, I know this chapter was very short and seemed to go slow. But this chapter is more of an introduction to Trish the action will pick up next chapter. I promise. Please tell me if Al is out of character, I?ve not really wrote a character like him, and considering he?s older now as well?.
Anyways I dropped several hints to who Trish?s mother is so if you can guess who it is then I?ll give you a cookie next chapter. And where?s Ed? Find all this out and more next chapter.

All Flames will be used to roast marshmallows. Please Read and Review.

Until Next Time. Happy Trails.

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