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Writing Fushigi Yuugi: Reqiuem of the Four Gods (PG-SLV)


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Hi there everyone! Nuriko here dropping in with my first Fushigi Yuugi fanfic. Technically this was based on a story I wrote awhile ago?I?ve just revised and changed some things.

Disclaimer: I don?t own Fushigi Yuugi or any of its characters. I do however own my own original characters and would appreciate you asking before you us them. Kay?

Chapter 1: Everlasting Story

Darkness surrounds the many houses that are lined down the street. Street lights glow dimly outside of the houses. One house in particular stands out. While down the street all the lights are out in the windows. A bright red light can be seen glowing through the second story window of this house. The light seems to dim as the screen follows it into the house.

The light slowly fades into an old book on a bookshelf across from the window. In the moonlight several familiar Chinese characters can be made out on the spine of this book. The light suddenly appears again this time a little brighter than before. It illuminates two
picture frames that are setting on the same shelf. The one on the right shows a slightly faded photo of Miaka and the Suzaku Seven.
While the picture on the left shows a smiling young man with a laughing young woman with her arms wrapped around his neck as he
carries her piggy back style. The light seems to glow even brighter as it lands on this picture before it slowly fades back into the

The screen once again fades back to the dimly lit street. A sudden flash of blue light is seen through the window before the street once again goes dark. The only light is that from the surrounding
street lights.

The sun shines brightly as several children are seen playing in the playground at a park. A young boy and girl laugh as they come down the slide. They both look over to the side and wave as they come down.

A click is heard as a young man smiles and lowers the camera he had in his hands. ?Thanks kids.? He said with a warm smile as he stood up. ?You?re welcome Koto.? The kids say as they get up from the sand and run over to slide again.

Koto smiles as he watches the kids before brushing the sand from his pants. He?d been coming here for a year to take photographs ever since his parents had bought him a camera for his birthday last year.

At sixteen Koto was what most of the girls in his class would call the perfect guy. He was slightly tall around 5?8 with short slightly messy dark red hair, kind gray eyes, and a gentle smile.

He sighed as he stopped and looked up at the clear blue sky. (I guess I?d better get home. Mom?ll kill me if I?m late.) He thought
as he placed his camera in the bag that was hanging across his shoulders and started to walk out of the park.

Koto yawned as he walked down a busy street. He sighed as he put his hands in his pockets and continued to walk down the crowded street. He blinked when a sudden boom was heard from over head. He looked up at the once clear sky.

?This is just great.? He grumbled as a few rain drops fell onto hisface. He quickly looked around for somewhere to get out of the rain.
(More for the sake of his camera then for himself.) He smiled when he noticed a small book shop across the street from where he was.

Quickly shielding the bag that had his camera in it he darted across the street as the rain started to pour down. The jingle of a bell is heard as he pushes open the door to the shop. He sighs as he stops to catch his breath not noticing the water that was dripping from his hair onto the dull red carpet. ?That was close.? He mumbled as he finally caught his breath and looked around the shop he was in.

The shop was very small, and filled with tall ancient looking bookshelves. ?Wow.? Was all that he managed to say as he looked around at the hundreds of old books that lined the shelves.

?You?re getting the carpet wet.? Came a gravely voice from behind him. Koto?s eyes widened and he jumped about five feet when he heard the voice. ?Ahhh!? He yelled as he turned around to find a very old, very short woman standing behind him. Her silver hair was done up in two loops on the side of her head and she seemed to have more wrinkles then she did face.

?I?I...I?m sorry.? Koto managed his heart rate going back to normal. The woman nodded as she walked by him. He watched as she seemed to float instead of walk to the desk towards the back of the room. ?I don?t mind you staying in here until the storm lets up.? She said with a smirk as Koto nodded. ?However I would appreciate it if you purchased something in repayment.? She said curtly as she turned her attention to the open book on the desk.

Koto sighed as he hung his head. He?d never been much of a reader and here he was stuck in a book shop. He was half tempted to take his chances with the storm. As if on cue the rain seemed to come down harder and a clap of thunder rolled over head.

(I guess going back outside is out of the question.) He thought as he looked out the window at the rain. He let out another sigh as he looked around at the shelves. His eyes lit up when he noticed a shelf titled ?Ancient Chinese Folklore.?

(If nothing else, I can get something for Hikari.) He thought as he sat his bag down by the door. He smiled as he stood back up and made his way over to the shelf. His sister had always loved Chinese culture ever since they where little. He guessed her love came from the stories their parents had told them of their adventures in a Chinese story book. But to Koto their stories had been just that?stories, but to Hikari they had been a source of fascination. This was the reason she was currently attending a college about two hours away to get her degree in Chinese History.

He was brought out of his thoughts by another clap of thunder. He sighed as he looked at the rows of books in front of himself each of the spines showing different Chinese characters that he didn?t know. He sighed again as he continued down the aisle hoping to find something he could understand. His hopes where dashed when he found himself at the end of the bookshelves.

He was just about to round the corner and try his luck on another aisle when something did catch his attention. One of the books seemed to be sticking out father then the other books. Slowly he reached out and pulled the medium sized book from the shelf he was surprised to see that book was actually smaller than most of the other books. It seemed to be very old with a faded black leather spine, and faded red cover. The gold Chinese symbols on the front cover and the spine where almost gone as well.

He furrowed his brows when he noticed there was on odd tingling in his hands. ?What the heck?? He mumbled as he started to flip the cover of the book open. ?Did you find anything of interest?? Came the gravely voice of the woman from behind him.

Koto blinked and looked down at her. ?Huh? Oh yeah.? He said shaking his head a little before looking back at the book in his hands. ?Good. The rain has stopped so if you?re ready I?ll let you get on you?re way.? The woman said as she floated/walked back to the desk. Koto blinked again before nodding slowly. ?Alright.? He said slowly as he followed her to the desk.

The woman smiled as she watched the young man leave the store. ?I wish you luck Koto. You?re parent?s adventure is over?but?yours is just beginning.? She said with a laugh as the screen pans outside and a blinding red light flashes. When it fades all that is left is a vacant building where the book store had been.

Ok well that?s the first chapter. I hope you all read and leave lots of nice reviews. (Hint?hint.)

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