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Tripping the Rift on the Sci-Fi channel


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Not sure who gets the Sci-Fi channel, but if you do (and if you enjoy mean-spirited, crude, rude, obscene, and obnoxious aliens), I highly recommend Tripping the Rift. It's difficult to describe the show, because it kind of defies what you'd expect. I suppose "South Park in space" is the best tagline for it. The characters are nasty; the dialogue is raunchy, and the female characters rival DOA for...animation of the chest.

Tripping the Rift is one of those shows you hate to love and love to hate, and I have a feeling it'll be on the Christian Hit-List real fast. But it's spectacular. There's evil social commentary (they just busted on Arnold Schwarzenegger a few minutes ago).

So, has anyone discovered this show? Does anyone know about it? Does anyone like it?
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