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Writing Shadows Of Architecture And Paint (Poetry) [PG]


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Under the oaken hollow diseased breath
Ashes fall from the insurmountable life
Hailing perceptions of perceptive undertows
Like the waves of an ocean stinging my skin.

Lo, Lo beyond the far and wavering skin
A cool blanket of wind blows fearfully,
Architectures of the long winded faith,
The future is holding it?s restlessness in hand.

Augmenting features of un-lasting rights
Down, down and down further we end
Down and down bleeding to further day,
Turquoise and translucent life long endurances,

Doubtful. Do understand that my eyes are
Creeping in from crevices and that worthy
Little cup of life long deceit
Is all to lead the life of painted misanthropy.

Any comments, criticism anything at all, I'm pretty open as long as it's constructive and not vice versa.
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