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Request Redheads and red berries (PIcture provided)


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All righty then. I'm wanting a banner and avatar set using the picture attached, and the only thing I have specific is I want my name in the bottom corner of the avatar, and the words "I hurt when you leave... so deep runs my love." All other specifics (font, border, size) is up to you. Thanks muchly!

Little Raven
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Alright, here you go. I didn't take very long on it, so it's not as great as it could be, but... Meh.



If you'd like anything changed, just let me know.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[QUOTE=sakurasuka][CENTER][SIZE=1]ACK!!! @@ I accidentally made it 400x100 BEFORE I added the border... Crap... Well, here's one that's the correct size. Sorry 'bout that!

Pwee, thank you so much!
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