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Anime Paradise Kiss

Guest Lilium

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Guest Lilium
Well the adverts in japan have just started for the new paradise kiss anime. Based on paradise kiss a manga from Ai Yazawa (famous for NANA).

It starts on FUJI TV in october. The dates in japanese magazines are being through around but the most popular I have read it 10th or 12th. So keep your eyes peeled. There was a feature of Paradise Kiss anime in the latest ZIPPER magazine also, which included a free huge parakiss poster. ZIPPER used to show stips of the manga PARADISE KISS when it first came out.

I am really looking forward to this anime. Mainly because it will be a refreshing watch. I am a little confused on how some scenes will be animated though, I am afriad that some scenes that are very important might end up being cut out!

Anyway, I will report when it gets shown here in japan. But so far there is a trailer on the official website [url]http://parakiss.tv/_pkiss/[/url] so check that out.

Oh yeah Opening the Ending music! Another thing is the music, a rather popular british band Franz Ferdinand have let them use "dont you want to". I think this is for the ending theme but am not completly sure.
Tommy february6『♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥』! will be also one of the other songs. Tommy is a popular japanese singer.
More details on music here: [url]http://parakiss.tv/_pkiss/music.html[/url]

So yeah, im really excighted!!!

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I knew the band for the ending song "Don't You Want To" sounded familiar. That's cool. And I liked the opening song, "Lonely in Gorgeous" also.

Has anyone else watched the first episode? Just got to watching it. I have never read the manga, so I don't know how it compares, but it seems interesting so far. I was a bit thrown off at the beginning with how it was done, but that can be refreshing too. I'll definately watch the second episode and see how it is.
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Hm... I have mixed feelings about episode 1.

+ The character designs. They're refined-looking, sharp and elegant.
+ George. He's amusingly suave.
+ The Condomania parody.
+ The ED theme.

- The SD artwork. What were they thinking!?
- The general lack of music; having just crowd babble backing up most scenes was disconcerting.
- The scene transitions. I got tired of them very, very quickly. The abruptness of the scene switches was also quite annoying and (in my opinion) lacking in grace.
- Yukari's seiyuu. I honestly can't stand how she sounds.
- The lip flaps. While I have to give Madhouse credit for trying to fully animate the unusually complex (for anime) lip designs, the increase in motion & range of motion seemed to be accompanied by a drop in accuracy (the seiyuu's voices weren't too well timed) and smoothness.

Haven't bought the manga yet, but in this case I think I may end up passing on the anime and reading it instead.

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