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Writing Heartless {M-S}


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[COLOR=Gray] I watch you from afar, my gaze never leaving those sad emerald eyes. You laugh so innocently, but deep inside your torn apart. Feeling my presence, you turn to look for me?but I?m not there. So many hurtful tears begin to pour down your creamy pale skin?pouring?falling like light rain. [I]'I feel the same?[/I], I want to say, but if I could?the wind would just carry it away from your gentle ears. She notices your pain and asks you, ?What's wrong??. I hear you slightly whisper, ?Just a hurtful memory, nothing else.?. Was I [B]that[/B] [I]heartless[/I] for you to say that? There?there?s that empty smile of yours as you grab her with your left arm and kiss her ever so passionately. Your tongue caressing hers, your soft yet rough hand feeling her breast?while the other comforts her body,[I]'Safe in your arms?[/I]. You enter her seductive body?she moans with pleasure?she says your name like a drug?I [I][B]envy[/B][/I] her. I had longed for you to kiss me that way?to make love to me in such a way?to think of it, you too was heartless. Suddenly I reminisce your empty words, your heartless love?those misleading lies?but?still I loved you?secretly I did.[/COLOR]

Ummm..yea I don't know what this is actually I'm debating on it. Theres is more, but I don't know whether to make it into a story, rpg or put it in poem form...[/COLOR]
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