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Writing A Link to the Future [PG]

Sir Gawain

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Yes! I've finally done it! Most people won't care, but if you care about the Legend of Zelda series (made famous by Nintendo(go Miyamoto!)) you might actually care about what I have to say. Technically, this is a fanfiction. I'm going to go ahead and attach one of my personal favorites, but first, a brief description.

A Link to the Future is my spoof on Nintendo's A Link to the Past. Although the story hasn't gotten to that point yet, Link will get tossed into the distant future by some catastrophic event. Not Windwaker future. More like, Oracle saga future.

Anways, so far I've created five comics, if somewhat poorly. That only includes story comics. I've also created one special for my friend Charles' birthday. Enjoy, and give me some feedback on the comic. I want to know that somebody would read it if I put it online.
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