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Request Final Fantasy Unlimited Request


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[SIZE=1]Hey guys. I find myself once again in need of the awe-inspiring creations of the OBer's artists, so I would be very obliged if someone could take the picture I have attached [and others if you can find 'em] and make me an:

[B]Avatar:[/B] With Kaze on it and my name in archaic lettering, and a heroic, techno-esque background.

[B]Banner:[/B] Kaze by himself, if that can be managed, if not use all of them from the pic, with the same or matching background of the avatar. On it, in similiar archaic lettering as my name on the avi, please write, "The spirit of just men made perfect."


Thanks to all whom attempt.

[center][URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Final20Fantasy20Unlimited205.jpg]Final Fantasy Unlimited Picture[/URL] [/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=#656448][SIZE=1]Hurrr... another rare character.

(Hurray for Visual Kei Kaze!)


I found it hard to work with the picture you provided so I used other pictures of Kaze instead (Sorry!). The guy's got lovely eyes, doesn't he? Mmm hmm.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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