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Banner Only Request-Pic Included

Guest memia

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Hi! I was wondering if I could please get someone to make me a banner before I started posting here. Here is the information:

Sig: 400X110
Image: Attached. Use the girl in both pictures. It would be nice if you can use both if them if it looks good, but if not use the one that looks best.
Text: On the signature put Bunnie Chan and happiness never fades... under it.
Colors: Whatever looks best.

I would really apreciate it if anyone could do this for me. Thank you!
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Yes I am! And that would be perfectly fine! If you need to adjust the sizes anymore to make it look better that will be fine too. And thank you! ^__^
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Alright, I took a stab at it. Hope you like!



If you need anything changed, just let me know.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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