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RPG DEC: Right Hand vs. Jake Dunn [M-LV][Spar]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Welcome to the Dead End Cup! For our first match, we bring you the mysterious Sorcerer Alexander Crowne, alias Right Hand, and an expert marksman by the name of Jake Dunn. They'll be fighting under the usual circumstances - one handicap each, and a unique arena to give the optimum, and most entertaining, fighting conditions. Let's take a rundown on the fighters and their conditions, shall we?

"First off is Alexander Crowne, who prefers to go by Right Hand because of his 'incredible power.' He is a socrerer with numerous deadly magicks that he uses in combat, and no other weapons to his name. His Ace is a mental skill that lets him cripple some people. However, to even things out a little, he is not allowed to use his Ace in this particular match.

"The other combatant is self-admitted criminal Jake Dunn, who claims to have entered the tournament simply to kill. He's a skilled marksman, and his Ace is being such a good shot that people rarely even know it's coming until they're dead. He's entered the arena with his laser-sight pistol and a sabre. To balance things a little, we have placed twenty-pound weights on his wrists and ankles to restrain his movement a little.

"As for the arena itself, it's pretty basic. Your standard-sized D.E.C. stadium of approximately 500 square feet, oval-shaped in design with raised seats about 40-feet above the base of the arena. The arena itself is filled with numerous large obeliscs, some designed to be climbed upon, others just to hide or take cover behind. Each obeslic is made of reinforced steel covered with rubber to prevent electric shock.

"Well, there are the conditions - Fighters ready? Fight!"

OOC: First post goes to Kanata.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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