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Anime Gunparade March


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Has anyone else here seen this anime besides me? I had picked up the boxset at the ONI-con in houston this past weekend, and it wasn't too common, nor commonly known. However, it comes highly reccomended.

At first glance, as well as the first few episodes, it appears to be similiar to Blue Gender, but as the story progresses, it gets alot better as well as more personla to the charaters. I don't know how much else I can say on it, so if I leave anything out someone who has seen it please fill in the gaps.
It starts out like a mech anime, you know, 51, 16, 17 year olds fighting aliens that have taken over the Earth, but the mech action only lasts halfway through the series. In the second episode there is a transfer student who comes in, and thats what the story than encompasses is the 'kiddy love' ( for lack of a better term. you guys should know what I mean, that teenage anime love sorta thing where there both too embarrassed to tell each other.) Granted there is still some mech action, but the story eventually turns its focus onto the pair. It gets quite humouruos in the fact that the rest of the team is trying to get them togerther as well, even the group commander.
The direction is so well done that when one of the characters dies, even you can feel how the other characters a feeling. That is something rare.

If you like mech anime as well as school drama anime, this is the perfect combination for you. I give it a 9.5 out of 10.
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Guest Metal Dragon
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Yeah, I've read all of the three volumes and I really liked it :D . My favorite part was the ending.[/COLOR]
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