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The Colbert Report


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Finally managed to catch an episode of this show. So far, I like it (the opening sequence is beyond hilarious, for one thing). The fact that it both airs and re-runs right after The Daily Show is extremely convenient, heh.

I do hope he gets some more people on the show; it's got to be tiring doing the whole thing by himself, and half of the fun of something like The Daily Show is the sheer variety of people who parade through it on a regular basis.

So who among you plans to watch or has already started watching The Colbert Report? And if you have... how about giving us your thoughts on it?

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Where The Daily Show lampooned the traditional anchor format, Colbert Report sets its sights on No-Spin Zone and fires mercilessly.

Stephen Colbert was made for a show like that, I think, because he can mimic and satirize the egotism inherent in O'Reilly and his ilk and never come off as annoying. It's a consistent scathing attack that doesn't cross the line, and it's very interesting to see Colbert pulling it off so well. That's not to say I doubted he could; I'm just amazed at how well he became the character.

It isn't even the same Colbert we saw on The Daily Show, too. You can watch Colbert Report and see an accurate portrayal of Bill O'Reilly. Or Tucker Carlson. Or Chris Matthews. Or Joe Scarborough, or Pat Buchanan, or even Geraldo Rivera at times. Colbert nails the tone and deliveryas far as I'm concerned.

And his desk is a flippin 'C'!

I'm impressed. Very impressed by Colbert Report.
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[color=darkslateblue] I love Stephen Colbert. When he used to be on the Daily Show, I'd be excited when Stephen did a special report or did the 'This Week in God'. God, I really love him.

I've watched about two episodes of the Colbert Report, and I like it. I still enjoy watching the Daily Show more, but Colbert is pretty hilarious himself. Some parts of the Colbert Report was sort of akward for me to watch (I was sort of just staring at the tv when he did the 'bring him back or leave him dead' thing wondering what the hell was going on), but it's alright. As Brasil said, Stephen is amazing at doing the whole 'I'm the smartest guy ever and arrogant' thing without being insufferable.[/color]
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