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Need Dn Angel Banner


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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Do you have a character in mind? Cause seriously I have pictures for quite a few of them from the series. If you have a favorite, like say Dark, Daisuke, or Krad, or if you want one of the other characters let me know and I'll give it a try. I've also made a whole set of avatars if you wanted one to match the banner. ^_^[/COLOR]
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[quote name='SunfallE'][COLOR=darkolivegreen]Here they are, hope you like them. ^_^ I'm sorry I didn't get them posted earlier today but my Internet quit working and I couldn't get online for several hours. [/COLOR][/quote]

I have to do a school project, in which i have to build a site.
May i use your banner for my site please?
they're awesome
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