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U2 Concert


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[SIZE=1]Wow.. I never used to like U2, but this concert blew me away. The dynamics of the songs, the dynamics of the lighting, the opening act, the energy on stage, the love for the audience, and the Bob Marley references.. All these elements formed together to become a kick *** U2 concert!

What i also liked was the love for the Marleys! Damien Marley, and Stephen Marley, both performed as an opening act. Stephen and Ziggy Marley sound exactly like their father (Bob Marley) and Damien's music has so much soul in it. It was an inspiring performance especially when the Marley brothers covered "Is This Love" and later on U2 covered "Exodus", both songs by Bob Marley.

The U2 performance was so lively and I absoloutely loved it! I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen either U2 or any of the Marleys live.[/SIZE]
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