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RPG The Bomb Squad

9mm Avenger

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[color=royalblue]Thsi sin't another RPG, but is an idea for a comic of mine. Let me run it by you guys(and girls)

The Bomb Squad(D. Bomb and Atom)Fight the evil D-Fuser, and Baron Dyanamo and his Shadow Dyanamos. The Lamo Flamos are the comstant gurilla force striking againts all three forces..Oh, and here's something interesting. D Bomb and Atom are explosive device(dynamite stick and 2 bombs)Baron Dyanamo and his Shadow Dyanomos are dymnamite sticks(with eyes an mouths)And D-Fuser is an evil bucket of water, and his army is Wate Balloons. The Lamo Flamos are, basically, balls of fire. Sound good?[/color]
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