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Request Perfect Dark: Banner & Avatar request.


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[size=1]In honor of the launch of Perfect Dark: Zero, I'd like a Banner & Avatar set. I would go through the trouble of making my own, but my Paint Shop is going to be out of comission for quite some time. Okay then! Here's what I'd like to see:

[b]Pictures:[/b]The use of these two pictures. Peferably back to back, and off the side. Also, you can add any other pictures you feel would go nicely. Just try to keep it with the theme. You can find at the top of the page on this site... [u][url]www.armchairempire.com/Previews/Xbox-360/perfect-dark-zero.html[/url][/u]
[b]Background:[/b] A unique abstract background would be what I'd like to see. Something of a dark-techno-y sense. A cool blend of pictures would also be a plus.
[b]Dimensions:[/b] Nothing over 400x100
[b]Colors:[/b] Feel free to play around, but keep in mind that orange, and white, are my colors of choice.
[b]Text:[/b] Well, I haven't yet decided about texting, so if you could make one without text- That'd be cool.

I'm looking for something unique, with detailed effects. So, I encourage to do the best of work. You can PM me with any questions you may have. Thanks in advance for whomever would like to take up the task. I welcome everyone to give it a shot ^.~[/size]
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