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RPG Ancient Battle...M-(LVS)


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As the sound of gunfire echoed throughout the streets, explosions could be heard from City Hall. The two gangs of Kasha were at it again, the Black Dragons and the White Panthers. Their feud has been going on sense the Ancient Battle of Old.

Long ago there were two guardians of the world. The guardian of the sky, Il Drago di Morte, and the guardian of the land, Il Panter di Vita. The Dragon of Death and the Panther of Life. The two guardians were docile creatures until they were corrupted by man?s evil thoughts, intentions, and greed. The two ravaged the land, their hearts corrupted, trying to kill one another. The land was thrown into darkness for a millennium.

Now in the year 3075, two gangs whose leaders each have the blood of one of the guardians running through their veins, are ragging war against each other. The Leader of the Black Dragons, he is a descendant of Il Drago di Morte. As the Leader of the White Panthers, she is the descendant of Il Panter di Vita (Which is obvious). The battle is for rightful rule?.

?Two squads to the east and two to the west? Go.? The Leader of the Black Dragons was a man of stature. He wasn?t massive, but still impressive looking.
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Indaya peeked over the hedge and sighed, looking at the elder beside her she smiled meekly.
"Niothing yet...I don't think they're coming tonight Kashka."
"You'd be surpirsed little one. They hear of a Pather Raid and they are all over it."
"I still don't understand...why are they so hostile twoards us? not liek WE attacked them, it was our ancestors."
"And as a tribute to them we must wipe out the bastatds that attacked us."
Indaya heaved a sigh and looked back over the hedge to see shadows running across the grounds.
"You were right Kashka."
"Told you little one."
"Don't get cocky old man, you may have known that but I can garentee you that they only fight us because we fight them."
"And how do you think that."
"Because, like us they only want to survive."
"And the only way we're to know is if we speak to the leader him-self."
"Maybe I will someday."
She blinked as the old man's face was in her's.
"If you ever speak of such things again I'll start a rebellion my-self."
Her eyes got dark and cold.
"You can try, and you will be killed."
The old man nodded and looked up.
"They're all in, I think we can springthe trap now..."
"I'll say, if I know them and if they are as good as you say then there are more coming..."
"What make you so sure?"
"Because if the leader is a true leader, he would not send his entire gagn into a building full of the enemy, unless he either had a death wish or was stupid."
"You act like you know alot."
"I kow more then you think Kashka. Move around and surround the building. We end this tongiht. Leave the leader to me."
She slipped on her white face mask and made sure her weapons were in place then, crouching low to the ground ran through the hedges and twoards the building infront of her.
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"Everyone stay out of the city."
He removed his weapons. He moved into the middle of the city. He was in the open.
"I am the leader of the Black Dragons. Hear me!!!"
He looked around. He looked at everything closly. He then closed his eyes and spoke.
"I see you all! Now show yourselves! I am unarmed! I am here!!! I am alone!"
He sat down and relaxed. He waited for their move. He was indeed alone in the city.
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[FONT=Arial] Belian yawned and looked around to see old Kashka coming towards him. Belian did a short bow.
"Is the full force going in?"
"Indaya wants us to surround the building as she goes in to face the leader. Asemble everyone and surround the building." Belian bowed once and again.
"Of course." he turned to the rest of the panthers. "Surround the building!" He made sure his sword was in place as he walked towards the building. The panthers circled around the building as they stood and waited. There was no telling what could happen. He could have his fleet in the building with him or he might be alone. He waited patiently for the outcome.[/FONT]
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OCC: I'm back but I'll not be posting as frequently for a time, Thanks.

Indaya looked around and sighed this was it. She pushed Kashka back as he tried to advance forward.
"I go alone."
"You will be killed."
"I said, I go alone."
She shoved him back and walked inside, she saw a lone figure sitting the middle and took a deep breath. She went to him and poked him in the shoulder causing him to turn and look at her, he blinked and stared then cleared his throat. Indaya was tense and she had her hands on her weapons tightly, she had heard stories about this leader and was taking a big risk just being this close to him.
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He smiled and vanished within smoke... No sound to be herd. Then his voice sounded from behind him. She quickly spun around to see the smoke of him vanish again.
"Well your shadows give you away." She said with a smile.
"Do they really? Well then.."
He was in her view.
"Then I will have to fix that." He said as he vanished into air. His voice echoed the halls.
"Is that better?" He reappeared. "I wish not to fight. I can see it is in your heart not to as well. Is this true? Or do you wish to die?"
He waited for her answer. She noticed this whole time he was calm. Never flinched or showed a sign of fear.
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Indaya simply closed her eyes yet she felt the slight panic rise in her heart, he truly was more then they said.
"No I do not wish to fight but if I must then I will. If I feel that my life is threatened I will lash out, as would any person."
She looked at him and smiled gently, yet behind the smile he saw a deadly fighter. She took a deep breath to rest her racing heart and let it go as she continued to look at him.
"By what means do you wish to talk to me over? What could the leader of the Black Dragons possibly have to say to me that I would be interested in?"
She saw the question i n his eyes begfore he even spoke it.
"And yes I am the leader of the White Panthers. Make noe mistake of that."
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  • 3 weeks later...
"I wish for peace and for you to release our men."
One of the White Panthers jumped out from behind a piller.
"Never! We will make them our slaves! Forever!!!"
Lycerus raised his fist into the air aand slammed it against the ground. A shock wave was seen cracking the ground in a path toward the White Panther. The Panther moved as the shock wave shot past him. The shock wave moved up a building causing the building to split, crash and fall.
"Do it and that will be you. Now the prisoners!!!"
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Indaya recgonized the young panter infront of her, Vergil, as inexperienced with fighting as he was with women.
"Vergil, get out, this is a dissusion between me the the leader of the Black Dragons. Now, go."
With wide eyes the young man nodded and ran off, INdaya turned to the Black Dragon leader and frowned.
"You expect me to return those we have taken from you but yet you threaten my younger men? Seems an unfair trade Dragon."
She was tense since the attack he had just shown to her, but she was aware of her strnegths, her greatest was speed, thankful for that she let her body go into her fighting mode, just in case. This meeting could indeed turn for the wost. Losse and relaxed she looked at him squarely. The most feared man in the city and she was only two feet from him, needless to say a thrill rush was trying to take effect on her but she held it back.
"I think we should talk some place where we will be less likely to be inturupted...the high point in the northern city. It's been abandoned fro years. Three hours. See you there, then we shall speak of this agreement you want to establish. Till then."
She turned and raised a hand in farewell then walked out slowly.
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He looked at her as she walked.
"If your men ever speak like that again, I will personally sever their tongue."
She stoped to speak.
"No man or women will disrespect me or anyone under my clan. Do you understand?"
She turned to walk away.
"This may be your territory, but these are my clans men. I will get them one way or another. Their lives are my responsibility. Count on it..."
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Indaya arrived only an hour after leaving and saw with a hint of surprise that the Dragon LEader was waiting for her. She let a small smile curl on her lips.
"I see your reputation perceeds you."
He inclined his head slightly and looked back up at her.
"You speak of peace between the two clans, not that this would not please me as well, it is not that simple, we have our clans to think about. A choice like this could lead to Clan Kill, and that is not something I want to face Dragon."
She sat down under the tree and sighed.
"Indaya, that is my name, we were never properly introduced to one another...we did not have much privacy to speak as we do here."
She looked up at the clear night sky and let another sigh escape her.
"This city has been my home for years, I'd do anything to protect it and keep it whole...I just never thought that it would mean tearing it apart with rival gangs...it pains me to see the city like this."
She looked back at him and let her eyes take him in.
"Your reputation eggsaterates your apperance. It makes you sound like an ugly old man."
She let a giggle escape her throat not noticeing the shift in his eyes as he listened to her.
"So, speak your proposition Dragon."
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  • 2 weeks later...
"My name is Lycerus. Lycerus Alexander Froza. And my meaning is I want all of my men to be let free."
She looked at him.
"What is in it for me dragon?"
"Sorry. What is in it for me Lycerus?"
"Not sure. Let these men go back to their wives and children."
"But for a fair trade I need equal trade..."
"I will take their place."
Lycerus stood proud and unwavered.
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Indaya scratched her chin thoughtfully.
"The leader of the Black Dragons for his men...is it a fair trade Lycerus?"
"That is up to you Indaya."
A shiver ran up her spine as he spoke her name. She hook her head shaking it off and looked at him.
"Take your men and get off of my territory. I do not want you. I want peace. I want to walk to the market and not worry about my weapons becasue I would be safe."
He nodded.
"I'll release them and have them meet you here. Afterwards, we will meet only in public and as friends. Beside, how do I know that this isn't smoe clever trcik for you to get information on my clan?"
she walked up to him and seemed to challange him with her own minimal height to his.
"I will not be made a fool of."
"You do that by letting me go."
"Then come with me, and trade your-self. I'll not let my clan touch you."
She began to lead the way back to her clan home.
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He followed her. Not saying a word. He looked as proud as ever. Nothing could seem to waver his confidence in his abilities. He continued to follow her. They passed many land maks. And sometimes, none at all. His eyes always looked forward, but he still took everything in.
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Indaya glanced here and there as she led him to her clan home, as they entered she pushed him against a wall and whispered to him.
"Listen, don't start anything, it would be hard for me to stand against my entire clan."
"And why would you go against your clan?"
"I told you I want peace. I won't let you get into a fight and kill any of my clan."
She pulled a ribbon from her hair and tied his wrists lightly together, looking up at him her eyes met his and she looked away, a light blush sneaking across her cheeks. She looked up as a few of the elder members ran up to her and looked at Lycerus.
"You finally got the leader. Good we can kill them all now."
"There will be no deaths, he has traded himslef for his men, I am keeping him alive and well, that means healthy, for questioning."
"Indaya, you do realize the uproar this will casue in the clan?"
"Yes, but I think that they will not challange me."
She led Lycerus through her home and to the cells, she opened the door and let his wrists go, she stepped back as he went into the cell and the wlaked in after him.
"I think this is a small problem...my caln will declare clan kill on me soon."
She handed him the wide ribbon and nodded.
"To keep the sweat from your eyes, it gets hot down here. I'll bring food and water at anytime you wish, only ever ask me, the others will not hesitate to poison you."
"You show concern for an enemy."
"Call it what you want. I just think a friendship could arise here if we let it and I'm willing."
She gently put a hand on his shoulder.
"You'll not be in here long. You have my word."
She walked out and closed the door sighing. She walked away and took a member by the collar.
"If anyone goes near that cell other then me, I'll cut their throat. So make sure they don't."
He saluted and stood gaurd.
Late in the next night Lycerus looked up to see her smiling through the bars of his cell.
"Time to go."
She opened the cell and walked him through the hold till he was at the back entrance.
"Your men are outside waiting for you, go quickly. Do not be seen."
"Why are you doing this?"
"Becasue I want the deaths to end, I want peace, and I feel like you could do it."
"Why me?"
"I do not know. But the funny thing is, I trust you."
She took his hand and shook it lightly, then throwing caution to the wind she stood up on tip toe quickly and kissed him on the cheek.
"Now go."
She pushed him and the shut the door behind her.
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He looked at he door then at his men.
"Go home to your families."
The men always knew never to question him.
"Thank you my lord."
They all ran home. Lycerus looked at the wall and bent his knees.
"Father would kill me... Oh well."
He jumped the wall with ease. He ran silently across the top of the wall. He came upon the leader surrounded by men. They were all in an arrgument.
"I think she let him out! There's no force exit!"
"Stop! She woudn't do that!"
"I'd have to agree with him Cornelious..."
"But she wouldn't!!!"
Lycerus yelled to them.
"You're all pathetic!! Her let me loose?!?! You are stupid! I don't need help! She, in fact, planned on keeping me here forever!!!"
They all looked at her and appologized.
"Now lets get him!!"
They pulled out their long-ranged weopons and open fired. Then out of no where, Lycerus just vanished.
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Indaya paced the outer wall and looked at the closed door, the elders had called a meeting to decide if she was innocent or not. She looked around and sighed.
"What have I done....I've sent myself to hell...and why did he coem back I told him to leave with is men..."
She leaned on the wall and looked up at the sky, she touched her lips and closed her eyes.
"Oh for the love of the elders...what have I done? I can't let this happen mother and father would kill me."
She opened her eyes and held in a small gasp as she saw Lycerus run across the wall and followed him, when he stoped she ran up to him and grabed his arm.
"Why? Why did you not leave? I gave you the chance to go...why didn't you take it?"
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