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How's Ann Coulter...in bed?


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For those of you who don't know who Ann Coulter is, run a Google search for her. She's a Republican nutjob blonde woman who's incredibly mean-spirited. And she sounds like some serpent when she speaks.

The question for this poll is exceedingly random, but random questions are what I do most of the time. I've seen Ann Coulter on various shows on MSNBC and FoxNews, and I wonder what she's like in bed, because she seems incredibly cold and unfeeling (and most importantly, non-sexual) on those "talking heads" shows.

So which do you think, based on what you know about her? Is she an animal in bed or a glacier?

And then, if you would be so kind, give your thoughts on the theatrics of the political arena in general? What do you think about performances in politics, certain people playing certain roles, etc?

I suppose it's similar to professional wrestling in that regard. Does Bill O'Reilly look to The Undertaker for his characterization? Can a parallel be drawn between Hulk Hogan and Karl Rove? And does Jesse Ventura model his political career on...uh...his former wrestling career? ~_^
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