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Ice Harvest


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Ok so I went to see the movie Ice Harvest tonight. There was a mere ten people in the actual theater itself. It was incredibly empty despite the fact that it was opening weekend for it (at least I believe so, I hope I wasn't misinformed I never really actually bothered to check it) and that it was given an unsual high rating in the newspaper for such a low budget film. Seeing all these facts presented together made me very confused and nervous on the fact that I may have been waisting my time on a movie that was wrongfully graded.

Three words; I loved it.

It was utterly depressing, there was barely a high note in it. Even the comedy that had been displayed only added to the empty void that it created. The whole movie was a bleak landscape within an urban setting in the town of Wichita Falls. The weather was cold and so much darkness was prevalent and even in the early hours of morning it would not leave on a Christmas Eve no less.

The actors were of a great cast. John Cusack being one of my favorite actors put on an excellent performance. His twelve hours of murder, despair, drunkenness, pain, misunderstanding, agony and unfaithfulness to any of his friends through lack of trust was just really well done and even his love interest was un-trustworthy in his mind.

Billy-Bob Thorton had his high moments, though in most recent years had been in some comedy movies, he was very serious in this movie and did not lighten the mood at all he in fact was very cold hearted. He really did shine though the spotlight was taken by John Cusack.

A delightful surprise, the only high note to the movie, was the short sighted antics and drunkeness, that actually made me laugh, of Oliver Platt. Being John Cusack's drinking buddy in the film just added the only surprise that this movie gave me as for being delightful and though only a very minor role he still had his own time to act in the movie.

Oh did I forget to mention the whole point to this movie was that John Cusack and Billy-Bob Thorton stole $2,147,000 from the Kansas City boss (Randy Quaid) and were trying to start a new life somewhere warm and far, far away. But they had many unlucky twists to deal with through the duration of their adventure. All in all I do not really want to give away what happened, though I doubt most of the people here haven't seen it (I did not see it advertised very much). I just thought it was excellent and deserves an A.

Also if you can get past the one gratuitous violent scene and the gratuitous sexual scenes it was quite an excellent movie.

I thought the last scene of the movie was very clever as well (in just how they added it in there), including the quote
John Cusack "Hey Buddy"
Oliver Platt "Where Are We?"
John Cusack "We're in Heaven."
Oliver Platt "Really? Do they have pancackes here?"
John Cusack "Sure. They have whatever you want."
Oliver Platt *falls back asleep in the back of the car from a hangover*

This movie totally deserves an A. Despite then what more the half the critics say, it was just so bloody depressing.
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