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Request broke unit the defeated robot duck

Guest pevans

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hi all,
my first time here im under the impression that you guys do art by request. well im a shameless drug user and while tripping balls last nite i had a vision of a thing called "broke unit".

basically broke unit is part machine part duck. the dark part of him was bronzed though. in my vision he was sprawled out in a dark corner all broken and useless with wires coming out everywhere and pieces of his machine body lying all over.

if anybody can make me an image of broken unit (preferebly a dark kind of mysterious style) i would much aprecciate it. thanks all
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I've got a pretty good idea of what you want. Obviously, I have no computer, thus no scanning, but purely out of curiosity... do you want hand-drawn or a graphic type drawing, like PSP, Adobe Photoshop, MSPaint (lmao yeah right), that kind of thing? Either way I can't draw it for you. No computer. I'm at a library right now. But yeah, I know exactly what you want.
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