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Request Madlax PLEASE!


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[COLOR=Teal][CENTER][FONT=Arial Narrow]Well I think its time for me to have a Avi and Banner change, I likes change :catgirl: So I decided, since I just recently started watching Madlax and have grown very much in love with it that it would be may new design.

I don't have any specific pictures I would like used. The banner has to have at least some slight image of Madlax herself, the rest of the design is open to whatever character you wish to put in it. I would like DC on the avi some where and "You shouldn't wander about without me, its dangerous out here." Some where on the banner. As for color, I'm thinking soft colors. Or maybe a CAUTION (yellow/black) type skim. I dunno, let me see what you, the talented artist you are, can do :) :)

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That was tough. My search dog, Google, linked me to wallpapers and itsy-bitsy images when I queried for "Madlax." :animestun

If you want me to change anything in this set, please let me know. *bows*[/COLOR]
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