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Request My Chemical Romance/The Used


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Okay! Long time since my last request. Since I can't make my own banners and avs, I need someone to make them for me.

What I need: Avatar

Okay first the banner. I need it to be divided in half down the center, on the left side I need MCR, the entire band or however many guys you can fit. As long as it includes Frank and Gerard. The other side, I need The Used, entire band if you can, same rules apply as MCR. It is required that Bert be included. ^.^
MCR - Black background
The Used - White background

Okay next the avatar. I need Frank from MCR with a black background and flashing white text that says "Yummy" ...'kay?

I would prefer to have someone do this that has experiance, not someone using MSPaint. :animeswea
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