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Anime Izumi vs. Motoko


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Izumi the strong teacher of Ed and Al. She's no ordinary alchemist. She's bold , tough, and not soft. She'll make you cry if she were your teacher. Then there's Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. She's no ordinary cyborg. Tougher than any of the guys. Though these two girls are still very beautiful.

If Izumi and Motoko had a battle. Who do you think will win? Or would the battle never end? It would be a very tough battle because it's impossible for Izumi to lose. I mean, you can't even imagine her losing. That would be stupid. And Motoko is just one bad ***** chick.
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It's not really that hard to imagine Izumi losing... [spoiler]in the parts of the series that have aired on CN, I definitely recall there being some scenes in which she had to struggle a little to hold her own.[/spoiler] Her toughness is a central element of her character, but Motoko is all that and more.

It's been too long since I saw GitS: SAC for me to offer good, specific examples, but I think the enemies Motoko faces are of a far higher caliber than the ones faced by Izumi. Plus, combat is perhaps the central element of her job. That's not true for Izumi.

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